• Discover Bioengineering

    Creative challenges and diverse opportunities abound. There is something for everyone in ag and bio engineering, let's discover what is amazing about this profession...

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  • Help communities worldwide

    Students from Biosystems, Civil, Nursing and Architecture worked at an elementary school in Honduras on a rainwater collection system, water filtration system, irrigation for a school garden, teaching classes in health and other construction projects.

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  • A Professional Society

    CSBE/SCGAB provides key platforms for the compilation of knowledge and the dissemination of technology, including the publication of a refereed journal and of standards of practice, and conducting annual conferences, workshops for Continued Professional Development, and technical meetings.

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  • Ag Engineering is in demand!

    Looking for a career that plans on being around for a while? Forbes magazine lists Agricultural Engineering as a top major for the future. 

    Discover how developing better and more sustainable ways to grow food to meet the needs of the world...

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The President's Words

Published in Winter 2014 Perspectives Newsletter

  • Written by
    “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted” - Einstein By the time this newsletter comes out, we would have been about 243 days into the term of the current Council and about 128 days till the new Council takes over in July (taking into account the actual AGM dates). But why am I counting, given the above quote from Einstein? I guess this pre-disposition to quantify things comes from my regular day job, wherein we routinely measure (or count) things in order to know where we are at present and to map out a better way to move forward. I believe that spending some time to pause for a while and take stock of the current situation is necessary in order to move towards achieving the goals we have set for ourselves. 
    Written on Thursday, 13 March 2014 09:37

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