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Student Awards sponsored by the CSBE/SCGAB Foundation

The Foundation will pay the membership dues for first-time-ever Graduate Students. An application form (http://csbe-scgab.ca/docs/awards/FDN-UG-student-team-awards-2011.pdf) should be completed by the graduate student and submitted by a faculty member attesting to first-time-ever status. The completed form should be sent to the CSBE/SCGAB Foundation office, Department of Biosystems Engineering, E2-376 EITC Building, 75A Chancellor Circle, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB  R3T 5V6 where payment will be attached.

The CSBE/SCGAB Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

The CSBE/SCGAB Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship is to recognize academic excellence among student members of the Society. The Scholarship can be awarded each year to the student member of the Society with the highest GPA in the preceding semester (based on a minimum of 12 credit hours and the GPA must qualify the recipient to appear on the Dean’s Honor List). The Department Head or his/her designate will select one scholarship recipient per year per department. The amount of the award is $300.

Student Team Competition Funding Program

powerThe Canadian Society for Bioengineering Foundation offers funding to eligible student teams that participate in a recognized bioengineering competition.  The Foundation thereby encourages students to gain team work experience and to learn by comparing their efforts and ideas with others.  Such projects also provide visibility for engineering and its role in improving agriculture, the food system and the environment.  

Funding is equivalent to $50 per student member with a maximum of $500 per team, and up to $1000 per academic institution per calendar year for all teams requesting funds.

To be eligible, the team must be formed of at least two student members and participate in a bioengineering competition open to more than one academic institution.  Team members eligible for funding must be student members of CSBE/SCGAB in good standing, i.e. annual dues are currently paid (otherwise students should provide photocopy of their application form or membership renewal).

Examples of eligible student competitions include the CSBE/SCGAB undergraduate design competition and undergraduate paper competition, as long as the project is carried out by at least two students and the team has been selected to participate in the national competition.   Other examples include the ASABE K. K. Barnes Student Paper Award Competition, 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition and Environmental Design Student Competition (Fountain Wars).  Other competitions may be considered as long as they meet the general criteria:  more than one academic institution is involved, bioengineering is the main discipline involved and the project is a student team endeavour.  A proof of registration should be included with the request.

To request funding, simply fill out the downloadable form and return to the CSBE | SCGAB Foundation, Department of Biosystems Engineering, E2-376 EITC Building, 75A Chancellor Circle, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB  R3T 5V6 


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