CBE Journal Volume 38 (1996)

A small plot potato planter
Authors: W.J. Arsenault. H.W. Platt. E. Pippy and A. Cannon
Format: PDF
Apparent flow coefficient of carbon dioxide through wheat bulks
Authors: K. Alaguslllldaram. 0.5. Jayas. W.E. Muir. N,D.G. White and R.N. Sinha
Format: PDF
Average convective-pore velocity of carbon dioxide gas through grain bulks
Authors: c.L. Bundus, D.S. Jayas, W.E. Muir. N.D.G. White and D. Ruth
Format: PDF
Breakage susceptibility studies on alfalfa and animal feed pellets
Authors: T.B. Larsen. S. Sokhansanj. R.T. Palil and W.J. Crerar
Format: PDF
Bulk and handling properties of hulless barley
Authors: M. Rameshbabu, D.S. Jayas, W.E. Muir, N.D.G. Whitc and J.T. Mills
Format: PDF
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