CBE Journal Volume 44 (2002)

Characteristics of hydrogen sulphide concentrations in mechanically ventilated swine buildings
Authors: J..Q. Ni, A.J. Heber, C.A. Diehl, T.T Lim, R.K. Duggirala And B.L. Haymore
Identifier: c9932
Decision-tree induction to interpret lactation curves
Authors: D. Pietersma, R. Lacroix, D. Lefebvre And K.M. Wade
Identifier: c0144
Design and implementation of an automated controlled atmosphere storage facility for research
Authors: B. Goyette, C. Vigneault, N.R. Markarian And J.R. Deell
Identifier: c0119
Development of a new crop lifter for direct cut harvesting dry bean
Authors: L.E. Zyla, R.L. Kushwaha And A. Vandenberg
Identifier: c9933
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