AGM Guelph 2001

A composting system for paper sludge and liquid manure
Authors: R. Fleming
Session name: Technical Shorts
Identifier: CSAE/SCGR-NABEC 01-908
A national curriculum for addressing livestock environmental issues
Authors: P. Wright
Session name: Technical Shorts
Identifier: CSAE/SCGR-NABEC 01-901
A new way to prepare the food preservative paraben under microwave irradiation
Authors: X. Liao, G.S.V. Raghavan And V.A. Yaylayan
Session name: Bioprocessing Systems Engineering
Identifier: CSAE/SCGR-NABEC 01-316
A protocol for data collection in a case-control study of farm machinery injuries
Authors: M.W.E. Ingram, T.G. Crowe, J. Wassermann, D.C. Voaklander, A. Senthilselvan, H.H. Mcduffie, L.M. Day, P. Pahwa, T. Redekop, A.W. Harrell, L.M. Hagel, And J.A. Dosman
Session name: Machinery Systems Engineering
Identifier: CSAE/SCGR-NABEC 01-405
A summary of the commonalities and differences in canadian bioengineering programs
Authors: K. C. Watts
Session name: Bioengineering for the Future
Identifier: CSAE/SCGR-NABEC 01-010
Abet criteria and process
Authors: H. Towne
Session name: Path to Professionalism
Identifier: CSAE/SCGR-NABEC 01-002
Adsorption of heavy metal ions with penicillin biomass
Authors: P. Chen And T. Tan
Session name: Posters
Identifier: CSAE/SCGR-NABEC 01-939
Aerated floors for spent mushroom substrate processing: an update
Authors: P. Heinemann
Session name: Technical Shorts
Identifier: CSAE/SCGR-NABEC 01-902
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