AGM Vancouver 2008

A biotechnological approach for deproteinization of crustacean waste for the production of chitin
Authors: N. S. Mahmoud, A. E. Ghaly
Session name: Waste Management
Identifier: CSBE08161
A review on the potential use of neural networks for the mechanical characterization of materials (with a focus on biocomposites)
Authors: Mubashshar Ahmed, M. M. Gupta, S. Pannigrahi
Session name: Bioproducts and Food
Identifier: CSBE08192
A rule-based intuitive reasoning scheme for exploring a large weather database
Authors: Y.C. Sun, R. Kok
Session name: Soil and Water
Identifier: CSBE08144
A standard for energy efficient agricultural ventilation fans
Authors: R. Macdonald, M. Armstrong
Session name: Building and Storage Systems
Identifier: CSBE08118
Base flow indices and their relation to physiography of Ontario
Authors: A. Singh, R. Rudra, W. T. Dickinson, B. Gharabaghi
Session name: Soil and Water
Identifier: CSBE08138
Biodiesel oil quality from feedstock grown on saline lands
Authors: H. Steppuhn, M.A. Stumborg, T. Mcdonald, A. Abiola
Session name: Renewable Energy
Identifier: CSBE08102
Bioenergy densification
Authors: C. Igathinathne
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE08315
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