• Be recognized

    As CSBE/SCGAB member, your work and achivements are recognized by the Society.

    Visit the Awards section for more information.

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  • Discover Bioengineering

    Creative challenges and diverse opportunities abound. There is something for everyone in ag and bio engineering, let's discover what is amazing about this profession...

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  • Help communities worldwide

    Students from Biosystems, Civil, Nursing and Architecture worked at an elementary school in Honduras on a rainwater collection system, water filtration system, irrigation for a school garden, teaching classes in health and other construction projects.

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  • A Professional Society

    CSBE/SCGAB provides key platforms for the compilation of knowledge and the dissemination of technology, including the publication of a refereed journal and of standards of practice, and conducting annual conferences, workshops for Continued Professional Development, and technical meetings.

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  • Ag Engineering is in demand!

    Looking for a career that plans on being around for a while? Forbes magazine lists Agricultural Engineering as a top major for the future. 

    Discover how developing better and more sustainable ways to grow food to meet the needs of the world...

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Featured Events

CSBE/SCGAB Annual General Meeting and Technical Conference, Guelph, 2018
Greening the Globe: Sustainability though Innovation
July 22-25, 2018


Global Water Security for Agriculture and Natural Resources

An ASABE Global Initiative Conference
3-6 October 2018
TAJ KRISHNA, Hyderabad, India

Visit www.asabewater.org or download the invitation for more information.


Message from President

Editorial of Summer 2017 Perspectives Newsletter

  • Written by
    Training of Engineers for Societal Problems Involving Biological Systems What is biosystems (or biological) engineering? The existence of this emerging discipline can be linked to the century-old discipline of agricultural engineering. A century ago, engineers trained in traditional disciplines having interests in agriculture, formed the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Founding members of this society were driven to use their engineering education to remove the manual drudgery associated with the production of food. Thus, from…
    Written on Friday, 15 December 2017 15:01

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