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2020 Industrial Award


Dion Ag. Inc. is a long standing and well-established company serving farmers in North America and other places worldwide. It provides supply contracts to tens of companies locally, many small business, which specialize in manufacturing or service fields. The company has acquired a flexible and efficient engineering capabilities to efficiently develop high tech products. Its production model is flexible and maintains a strong stable workforce. The company’s business culture promotes leadership, training and skill development of its employees. Future engineers and research projects are regularly supported in the benefit of both the advancement of the company and students.

From the first threshers in 1920 which boosted grain harvester capabilities to the latest Scorpion 350 forage harvester, the most advance pull-type forage harvester in the world, with Isobus controls and stepless hydraulic feed roll drive enabling the use of the full potential and technology available in today’s tractor, Dion Ag. Inc. designs and manufactures products mainly addressed to family farms, helping them be more productive and more profitable. These farms are part of the essential economic and social backbone of rural communities. The company has accompanied them adopting the most recent production methods and systems efficiently.

Through good and harsh times, the Dion brand has succeeded in staying relevant and recognized, reinventing itself over the last 100 years to remain in phase or ahead of the current trends.