Each year, the CSBE/SCGAB presents Awards and Grade of Fellows to celebrate and encourage excellence within the Canadian bioengineering community. Please consider nominating a member.

The University of Guelph

CSBE/SCGAB FOUNDATION  Undergraduate Scholarship - Isaac Thevathasan

Undergraduate Thesis Award - John Buozis for his thesis entitled 'Strep D-Tec: A Non-Invasive Streotococcus Diagnostic Tool' (Advisor: Dr. G. Hayward).

Undergraduate Design Project Award - Robert Hunter, Parker Bondi, Amelia French, Amit Tah for their project entitled “Non-Invasive Monitoring of Glucose in Blood" (Advisor: Dr. S. Neethirajan)

Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) - Nawfal Adam Mungroofor a thesis entitled "SERS based Point-of-care Biosensing System for Food-borne Pathogen Detection"  (Advisor: Dr. S. Neethirajan).


University of Saskatchewan - Chemical and Biological Engineering

Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) - Samuel Emard-Ferre for a thesis entitled " Optimization of the Cleaning System of Grape Harvesters Using the Discrete Element Method"  (Advisor: V. Meda and M. Roberge)


McGill University - Department of Bioresource Engineering

Undergraduate Paper Competition -  Patricia Gaudet, Lara Hendry, Thanh Jutras for a paper entitled “Growing System for the Food Security in Northern Canada (SINC) Unit (Advisors: M. Lefsrud and G. Clark).

Undergraduate Design Project Award - Brett Bennett, Meaghan Dustin, Yasmeen Hitti, Stephen McGuire for a project entitled “Reducing Driver Fatigue During Forage Harvesting” (Advisors: V. Adamowski and G. Clark).

Graduate Thesis Award (PhD) - Kiruba Krishnaswamy for a thesis entitled “Green Nano-technology Approach for Synthesis and Encapsulation of Gold Nano-particles from Agricultural Waste” (Advisor: V. Orsat).

Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) -  Sai Kranthi Kumar Vanga for  a project entitled “Thermal and Electric Field Effects on Peanut Protein Using Molecular Modelling and In-Vitro Digestibility” (Advisor: V. Raghavan)

CSBE/SCGAB FOUNDATION Undergraduate Scholarship -  Nardine Youssef Kamal Hanna

ASABE  ¼ Scale Tractor Student Design Competition - Bao Chau Bui, Connor Miller, Francis St-Aubin, Leo Mcguire, Marc Massicotte, Mark Cool, Rachelle Prud’homme, Youssef Nabieh, Pierce Dias Carlson, Françoys – Xavier Stephenson, Brett Benett, Antoine Pouliot, Trevor Stanhope, Steven McGuire, Maxime Leclerc (Leader)


The University of British Columbia - Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) - Hamid K Hamedani for a thesis entitled “Logistics modeling of biomass supply chain in Ontario” (Advisors: Drs. S. Sokhansanj and A. Lau).

Graduate Thesis Award (PhD) - Ladan Naimi for a thesis entitled “A study of cellulosic biomass size reduction” (Advisors: Drs. S. Sokhansanj, X. Bi and J. Lim).


Dalhousie University - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) - Muhammad W Jameel for a thesis entitled "Effect of crop characteristics and machine parameters on berry losses during wild blueberry harvesting" (Advisor: Dr. Q. Zaman).

Graduate Thesis Award (PhD) - Travis J Esau for a thesis entitled "Smart sprayer for spot-application of agrochemical in wild blueberry fields" (Advisor: Dr. Q. Zaman).


University of Prince Edward Island - School of Sustainable Design Engineering

Undergraduate Design Project Award - Luke Bennett, Alexander Gamble and Art Ortenburger for a project entitled “The Development of an Electro-Mechanical Rock Removal System for a Potato Harvester”  (Advisors:  Dr. A. Hsiao and Mr. B. Smyth)

Undergraduate Design Project Award - Javon Mayhew, Andrew Simmons, Anthony Parker  for a project entitled “The Development of an Automated Lobster Meat Removal System”  Advisors (Dr. Amy Hsiao and Mr. Brian Smyth)


Université Laval - Department of Soils and Agri-Food Engineering

ASABE  ¼ Scale Tractor Student Design Competition - Équipe ULtrac : R. Soucy-Gauthier (Leader), L.-É. Lessard, F. Desaulniers, P.-O.  Michaud, N. Lefebvre, A. Houle, C. St-Pierre, S. Archambault, V. Chabot, V. Grégoire

CSBE/SCGAB FOUNDATION Undergraduate Scholarship - Jérémie Bonneau

Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) - Noura Saïed for a thesis entitled " Amélioration de l’extraction des sucres de la biomasse du millet perlé sucré et du sorgho sucré pour une éventuelle production de bioéthanol / Improving the extraction of sugars from sweet pearl millet and sweet sorghum biomass for eventual production of bioethanol" (Advisor: Dr. M. Khelifi).

Graduate Thesis Award (PhD) - Vincent Pelletier for a thesis entitled " Développement d'une approche intégrée pour la gestion de l'eau en production de canneberges / Development of an integrated approach for water management in cranberry production" (Advisors: Drs. J. Gallichand and S. Pepin).

Undergraduate Design Project Award - Alexandre Houle, Raphaël Soucy-Gauthier, Cédric St-Pierre for their project entitled “Conception d’une transmission d’un mini tracteur / Design of a mini tractor transmission” (Advisor: Dr. M. Khelifi)


University of Alberta - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) - Ezinwa Agbor for a thesis entitled “ Biomass Co-firing with Coal and Natural Gas” (Advisor: A.Kumar)

Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) - S. M. Hassan Shahrukh  for a thesis entitled “Energy Return on Investment and Techno-economics of Pellet Production from Steam Pretreated Biomass” (Advisor: A. Kumar)

University of Manitoba - Department  of Biosystems Engineering

CSBE/SCGAB FOUNDATION Undergraduate Scholarship - Kirsten Bunge


University of Manitoba - Department  of Biosystems Engineering

CSBE/SCGAB FOUNDATION Undergraduate Scholarship - Taylor Kirouac

CSBE/SCGAB FOUNDATION Undergraduate Scholarship - Alain Lagasse 

Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) - Haider Abbas for a thesis entitled “Impact of overhead irrigation on nitrogen dynamics and marketable yield of potato” (Advisor: R. Sri Ranjan)

Graduate Thesis Award (PhD) - Senthilkumar Thiruppathi for a thesis entitled “Detection of fungal infections of different durations in canola, wheat, and barley and different concentrations of Ochratoxin A contamination in wheat and barley using near-infrared (NIR) hyperspectral imaging” (Advisor: D. Jayas)

Undergraduate Design Project Award - Jamie Cheung, Cliff Dueck, Taylor Kirouac, Jennifer Pieniuta and Alex Strike for a project entitled “Analysis and redesign of the McCain dumping system” (Course Instructor:  K. Dick)

Undergraduate Thesis Award - Cliff Dueck for a thesis entitled “Impact resistance and calorific values of oat hull pellets with algae binding agent” (Advisor: S. Cenkowski)


Graduate Student Poster Presentation

The University of Guelph, 1st Prize, Michael Lissemorefor the poster entitled “A Handheld device for rapid detection of food adulterants using bulk acoustic wave biosensors'  

McGill University,  2nd Prize, Faezeh Eslamianfor the poster entitled “Application of dolomitic hydrated lime as an amendment to reduce phosphorus leaching loss in pike river watershed' 

The University of Guelph, 3rd Prize, Isaac Thevathasanfor the poster entitled “In vitro characterisation of Camelina Sativa Antitumor Peptides against colorectal adenocarcinoma Cells' 


Graduate Student Oral Presentation

Saint Mary's University, Halifax,  1st Prize, Emily Ann Walker for the presentation titled 'Native-Planted Green Roofs serve as habitat for wild bees'

Dalhousie University, Agricultural Campus, Truro, 2nd Prize, Jie Yang for the presentation titled 'A Study of feasibility evaluation of biodiesel production from Camelina Sativa grown in Nova Scotia'

University of Guelph, 3rd Prize,  Abdulmonem Murayyan for the presentation titled  “Anticancer Activity of Ontario Grown Onion Varieties - An In-Vitro Study'