Each year, the CSBE/SCGAB presents Awards and Grade of Fellows to celebrate and encourage excellence within the Canadian bioengineering community. Please consider nominating a member.

ASABE  ¼ Scale Tractor Student Design Competition

Design and construction of a four-wheel-drive tractor taking into consideration the rules specified by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

Université Laval, Équipe ULtrac - Frédérik Daigneault, Félix Keurentjes, Nicholas Lefebvre, Christophe Rainville, Étienne Marineau-Bélanger, Clovis Courchesne, Jasmin Fréchette

University of Saskatchewan, - Sled Dogs - Jason Cousins, George Dodds, Keith Halcro, Charley Sprenger, Cory Bart, Austin Pizzey, Dane Steen, Tyler Reaser, Matthew Lashyn (Advisor: S. Noble)


CSBE/SCGAB FOUNDATION  Undergraduate Scholarship

Recognizes academic excellence among student members of the Society. The Scholarship is awarded each year to the student member of the Society with the highest GPA in the preceding semester.

University of Manitoba - Sarah Currie

Université Laval- Anthony Beaudoin

University of Prince Edward Island- Skylar Tang

Dalhousie University - Jack Lynds


Graduate Thesis Award (PhD)

University of Manitoba - Afua Mante for a thesis entitled “Impact of soil and water management practices on soil strength for field operations in southern Manitoba” (Advisor: R. Sri Ranjan)

McGill University - Daihui Zhang for his thesis entitled “ Synthesis and characterization of 5-hydroxymethlfurfural derivative based materials” (Supervisor: M. Dumont)

The University of British Columbia - Hamid Rezaei - for his thesis entitled “Physical and thermal characterization of ground wood chip and ground wood pellet particles” (Advisors: S. Sokhansanj, A. Lau and J. Lim)

University of Prince Edward Island - Evan MacDonald - for a thesis entitled “Are vegetation indices derived from sUAS mounted multi-spectral sensors an accurate predictor of yield in potatoes” (Supervisor: A Fenech)


Graduate Thesis Award (MSc)

University of Guelph - Andrea DiNardo for a thesis entitled "Investigation and Optimization of Methods for the Extraction of Antioxidants and Polyphenols from Yellow European Plums (Prunus Domestica L.)"  (Advisor: A. Singh)

University of Guelph - Harjeet Singh Brar for a thesis entitled " Physio-chemical Changes Occurring During the Dehydration of Yellow European Plums (Prunus domestica L.) into Golden-dried Prunes (Advisor: A. Singh).

University of Manitoba - Krishana Kaja for a thesis entitled “HYDRUS modelling to predict field trafficability under different drainage design and weather conditions in southern Manitoba” (Advisor: R. Sri Ranjan)

McGill University - Aidan Fedele De Sena for a thesis entitled “Characterizing the organic phosphorus species in Histosols of the Holland Marsh” (Supervisor: C. Madramootoo)

McGill University - Subhash Palaniswamy for a thesis entitled”Development of a Millet Dehuller (hand-operated) to reduce drudgery in processing and utilization of Millet waste (hulls) in antioxidant extraction” (Supervisors: V. Orsat and V. Raghavan)

University of Saskatchewan - Charley J. Sprenger for her thesis entitled “ Classification and Densification of Municipal Solid Waste for Biofuels Applications” (Supervisor: L. Tabil)

University of Prince Edward Island - Clayton Harding for a thesis entitled “Hybrid sol-gel poly(n-ethylaniline) coatings with increased self-healing properties” (Supervisor: A Hsiao)

Université Laval - Gabriel Collin for his thesis entitled “Optimisation de la production d’amandes par la gestion de l’irrigation en temps réel / Optimization of almond production by real-time irrigation management” (Advisors: J. Caron and J. Gallichand)


Undergraduate Awards

University of Manitoba - Thesis Award - Hunter Loewen for a thesis entitled “Effect of dancers’ footwear and landing conditions on force propagation and balance measures during jump-landing” (Advisors: J. Morrison & J. Singer)

McGill University - Design Project Award - Lindsay Cass, Isabella Pietracupa, and Melissa Zbacnik-D'Antonio for their project entitled “The Household Washing Machine Filtration Device for Microfibers” (Supervisor: C. Madramootoo)

McGill University - Paper Award - Julia Ethier, Ellen Feigl, and Sarah Ghazal for their paper entitled “Rainwater catchment and storage for the McGill School of Environment building” (Supervisor: C. Madramootoo)

University of Prince Edward Island - Thesis Award - Zach Denny for a thesis entitled “Wastewater management in rural Pakistan” (Supervisors: G. McSorley; B. Smyth; D. Taylor)

University of Prince Edward Island - Design Project Award - Zach Denny; Skylar Tang; Andrew MacEwen; Zumer Fatima; Haley Butler for a project entitled “Wastewater management in Rural Pakistan” (Supervisors: G. McSorley; B. Smyth; D. Taylor)

Dalhousie University - Thesis Award - Melanie Bos for a thesis entitled “Nitrate and bromide transport in response to soil moisture content” (Supervisor: D. Burton) 

Dalhousie University - Design Project Award - Brenden Wheeler and Justin Thorne for a project entitled “Mechanical Wild Blueberry Harvester Header Positioning System” (Supervisor: T. Esau) 

Université Laval - Design Project Award - Antoine Beauchemin, Émilie Blouin-Verroeulst, Jérémie Bonneau, Caroline Verrier for their project entitled “Conception d'une fendeuse-cordeuse de bois de chauffage/ Design of a firewood splitter-chord machine”(Advisor: M. Khelifi)