Each year, the CSBE/SCGAB presents Awards and Grade of Fellows to celebrate and encourage excellence within the Canadian bioengineering community.
Please consider nominating a member. The nominations must be received by the Committees by April 16 (extended deadline).

ASABE  ¼ Scale Tractor Student Design Competition

Design and construction of a four-wheel-drive tractor taking into consideration the rules specified by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

Université Laval,  Équipe ULtrac - Jasmin Fréchette (Leader), Clovis Courchesne, Frédérik Daigneault, Étienne Marineau-Bélanger, Claudia Gagnon, Simon Le Bouthillier, William Falcon, Christophe Rainville, Anthony Voghell, Jolaine Mallet

McGill University, Mutrac - A. Pille (Captain), K. Al-Itani , C. Al-Shami, A. Audi, N. Audi, A. Calabrese, K. Courchesne, A. Guttormson, J. Harms, I. Karovitch , A. Dickson, J. Lan, E. Larocque, A. Leak , M. Leclerc, J. Lespine, H. Maček, M. Marmette , L. McGuire, S. McGuire, C. Miller, B. Rasmussen, Y. Saeed , J. Smith, J. St-amour, V. Paepcke, C. Wells, Y. Yu


CSBE/SCGAB FOUNDATION  Undergraduate Scholarship

Recognizes academic excellence among student members of the Society. The Scholarship is awarded each year to the student member of the Society with the highest GPA in the preceding semester.

University of Manitoba – Laurissa Bridgeman

McGill University – Elodie Chatel

Université Laval - Camille Michaud-Girard

University of Prince Edward Island - Maggy McGrath

Dalhousie  University - Derrick Ouma


Graduate Thesis Award (PhD)

McGill University - John Quilty for his thesis entitled “An ensemble wavelet-based stochastic data-driven framework for addressing nonlinearity, multiscale change, and uncertainty in water resources forecasting” (Advisor: J. Adamowski)

University of Alberta - Madhumita Patel for her thesis entitled “Production of Renewable Diesel from Lignocellulosic biomass through fast pyrolysis and hydroprocessing technology” (Advisor: A. Kumar)

University of Saskatchewan - Dandan Huang for his thesis entitled “Odour and Gas Emissions, Odour Impact Criteria, and Dispersion Modelling for Dairy and Poultry Barns” (Advisor: H. Guo)

University of Manitoba - Rani Puthukulangara Ramachandran for a thesis entitled “Numerical Modelling of Superheated Steam Drying of Distillers' Spent Grain Pellet‐A Single Element Approach” (Advisors: J. Paliwal and S. Cenkowski)

Université Laval – Yann Périard Larrivée for a thesis entitled « Impact de la genèse anthropique des sols de canneberge sur la capacité de drainage / Impact of anthropogenic genesis of cranberry soils on drainage capacity” (Advisors: S. Gumière and A. Rousseau)


Graduate Thesis Award (MSc)

University of Guelph - Ramandeep Kaur Sandhu for a thesis entitled "Evaluation of the effectiveness of light emitting diodes in post-harvest shelf life extension of blueberries"  (Advisor: A. Singh).

University of Guelph - Kelsie McNeill for a thesis entitled " Time Series Analysis and Statistical Model Development for Food and Water Availability in the Grand River Watershed"  (Advisor: A. Binns and A. Singh).

University of Guelph - Baljeet Kaur for a thesis entitled "Assessment of Water Security in Grand River Watershed, South-western Ontario, Canada" (Advisor: P. Daggupati).

University of Guelph - Taranjot Singh Brar for a thesis entitled " Modification of the LTHIA GIS model to assess the water quantity and quality of Canadian Great Lakes watershed"  (Advisor: P. Daggupati).

University of Guelph - Charles Harrison Brodie for a thesis entitled " Development of Accessible Hyperspectral Imaging Architectures Towards Biomedical Applications "  (Advisor: C. Collier).

McGill University  - Rachit Saxena for her thesis entitled “Effect of processing on bovine milk quality attributes for human consumption” (Advisor: V. Raghavan)

McGill University  - Qian Lei for her thesis entitled “Microwave hydrothermal carbonization of orange peel waste” (Advisor: V. Raghavan)

Dalhousie University – Karen Esau for her thesis entitled “Effective Debris Removal Methods for Mechanical Wild Blueberry Harvester” (Advisor: Q. Zaman)

University of Saskatchewan - Jason Cousins for his thesis entitled “Title: Development of a Fast Gas-Solid Flow Simulation for Control of the Pneumatic Conveying System on Air Seeders (Advisor: S. Noble)

University of Prince Edward Island - Raj Dahal  for his thesis entitled “ A study on Biochar for Energy and Composites Applications” (Advisor: B. Acharya)

University of Manitoba - Cliff Dueck for a thesis entitled “Barley bulgur: Effects of drying methods (hot air, microwave, and superheated steam) on cooking qualities, b-glucan fibres, and tocochromanols” (Advisor: S. Cenkowski)

Université Laval - Ariane Dionne for a thesis entitled "Conception et mise à l’épreuve d’un prototype de pulvérisation de pupes de trichogrammes pour la lutte biologique contre la pyrale dans la culture du maïs sucré / Design and testing of a trichogramma pupae spray prototype for biological control of corn borer in sweet corn" (Advisor : M. Khelifi)


Undergraduate Awards

McGill University - Design Project - Bradley Rasmussen and Leo McGuire for their project entitled “Hay moisture sensor design for round bale collection” (Advisors: V. Adamchuk and C. A. Madramootoo)

McGill University - Thesis - Stephanie Greenough and Connie Lafferty for their project entitled “cGreen: Same power, electrified” (Advisors: C. A. Madramootoo and V. Orsat)

Dalhousie University - Design Project - Derrick Ouma, Jack Lynds, Connor Mullins for their project entitled “Development of an Automatic Inter-row Guidance Robot for Strawberry Runner Trimming” (Advisor: T. Esau)

Université Laval - Design Project - Kamgha Kenkouo,  Thierry Ismael; Bruno Thibault; Staelle Duchelle Voufo for their project entitled “Conception d’une ligne de production de la pâte de tomate en conserve dans un emballage Tetra Pak/ Design of a production line of canned tomato paste in Tetra Pak packaging” (Advisor: M. Aider)

University of Manitoba - Design Project - Rhianna-Lynn Holter-Ferguson for a project entitled “A novel design for adaptive actively irrigated plant growth cells” (Advisor:  N. Balakrishnan)

University of Manitoba - Thesis - Sarah Currie for a thesis entitled “Core-shell polyurethane-polyvinylpyrrolidone electrospun nanofibers for highly sensitive theranostic wound dressings” (Advisor: S. Liu)

University of Manitoba - Thesis - Emily Kiely-Smith for a thesis entitled “The effects of electron donor on the bioremediation of chlorate and hexavalent chromium co-contaminated water” (Advisors: B. Gorczyca and R. Sri Ranjan)

University of Prince Edward Island - Thesis - Skylar Tang for a thesis entitled “Development of an Automated Goniometer for Imaging under Variable Light Conditions” (Advisor: G. McSorley and A. Ahmadi)