Each year, the CSBE/SCGAB presents Awards and Grade of Fellows to celebrate and encourage excellence within the Canadian bioengineering community.
Please consider nominating a member. The nominations must be received by the Committees by April 16 (extended deadline).

ASABE  ¼ Scale Tractor Student Design Competition - $500

Design and construction of a four-wheel-drive tractor taking into consideration the rules specified by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

Université Laval,  Équipe ULtrac – J. Fréchette (Leader), G. Lafond, F. Daigneault, É. Marineau-Bélanger, L. Lampron, S. Le Bouthillier, W. Falcon, A. Voghell, J. Mallet,  P. Désautels

McGill University, Mutrac – A. Pille, S. McGuire, L. Diaz-Pappas, I. Karovitch, H. Macek, C. Wells, A. Leak, A.Kujiper, D. John, L. Mescheder, N. Audi, V. T. Paepcke, M. Leclerc


CSBE/SCGAB FOUNDATION  Undergraduate Scholarship - $300

Recognizes academic excellence among student members of the Society. The Scholarship is awarded each year to the student member of the Society with the highest GPA in the preceding semester.

University of Manitoba – Eva Kwok

McGill University – Beatrice Reid

Université Laval - Étienne Marineau-Bélanger

University of Prince Edward Island- Sydney Wheatley

Dalhousie  University -  Spencer Hauser


Graduate Thesis Award (PhD) -  $200

University of Alberta, Department of Mechanical Engineering - Maryam Akbari  for her thesis entitled “Conversion of Organic Waste to Value-added Products” (Advisor: A. Kumar)

McGill University, Department of Bioresource Engineering - Ward Smith for a  thesis entitled “Development of hydrologic processes in the DNDC model to explore beneficial management for reducing nutrient losses from cropping systems.” (Advisor:  Z. Qi)

Université Laval - Guoqi Wen for a thesis entitled “Étude des effets de la fertilisation azotée sur les concentrations foliaires en sucres, en acides aminés et en glycoalcaloïdes des plants de pommes de terre / Study of the effects of nitrogen fertilization on leaf concentrations of sugars, amino acids, and glycoalkaloids of potato plants » ( Advisors: M. Khelifi; A. Cambouris)   


Graduate Thesis Award (MSc) - $200

University of Manitoba - Navjot Brar Kaur for a thesis entitled “A comparative evaluation of processing of yellow peas (Pisum sativum L.) with hot air and superheated steam” (Advisors: J. Paliwal; S. Cenkowski)

The University of Guelph - Arshdeep Singh Brar for a thesis entitled "Optimization of Foam-mat Drying process for Peaches"  (Advisor: A. Singh).

The University of Guelph - Owaisuddin Fahad Mohammed for a thesis entitled "Evaluation of the effect of thermal and electrical food processing methods on almond protein structure using molecular modeling and in-vitro digestibility"  (Advisor: A. Singh).

McGill University, Department of Bioresource Engineering - Amanda Boatswain Jacques for a  thesis entitled “Development of a Machine Vision-Based Yield Monitoring System for Vegetable Crops"  (Advisor: V. Adamchuk)

Dalhousie University -  Hanmbal Khan for a thesis entitled “Economic Analysis of Alternative Mechanical Harvesting Systems for Wild Blueberries” (Advisors: E. Yiridoe; T. Esau)

University of Prince Edward Island,  Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering - Hassan Afzaal for a thesis entitled “Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Sustainable Water Management in Prince Edward Island” (Advisor: A. Farooque)

Université Laval - Guillaume Sauvageau for a thesis entitled “Pratiques d’irrigation et lessivage en production de fraises en Californie/ Irrigation practices and leaching in California strawberry production” (Advisors: J. Caron; S. Pepin)

University of Saskatchewan - He Yue for a thesis entitledChickpea aquafaba as an emulsifierin food-oil systems” (Advisors  M. Reaney; V. Meda)


Undergraduate Awards - $100

University of Manitoba - Undergraduate Design Project Laurissa Bridgeman, Trent Boschman, Sarah Harris, Georgia Loewen & Alyssa Ruta prepared a design report entitled “Motorized Joystick Mount for Power Wheelchairs”

University of Manitoba - Undergraduate Design Project - Dimitri Eckhardt and Griffin Swanson prepared a design report entitled “Maple Leaf Agri-Farms Organic Waste Management”

University of Manitoba - Undergraduate Thesis - George Dyck for a thesis entitled “Development of calibration techniques for the determination of the dielectric properties of wheat using a novel dielectric test cell” (Advisor: J. Paliwal)

McGill University, Undergraduate Thesis - Antonin Brun, Meaghan Kilmartin, Vincent Lambert-Song for a thesis entitled “Food waste fermentation” (Advisors: C. Madramootoo; V. Orsat)

McGill University – Undergraduate Design Project - Elodie Chatel, Jasmin Bibeau, Keli Trumpler for a project entitled “ Residential solar greenhouse” (Advisor:  C. Madramootoo)

Dalhousie University – Undergraduate Design Project - Abigail Bonnington, Luke Macmillan, Austin Ellis for a project entitled “ Development of a Robot Equine Mucking Machine” Advisor: T. Esau)

University of Prince Edward Island - Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering - Undergraduate Design Project - Cody Rogers, Evan Hardwick, Mike Parkman, Graham Ching for a project entitled “Design effective blade for french fries - Culinary Creation Centre” (Advisors: A. Farooque; W. Simmons)  

University of Prince Edward Island - Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering - Undergraduate Design Thesis - Nick Landrigan for a project entitled “Automation of the rainmaker for effective sample preparation analysis”  (Advisors: W. Simmons; A. Farooque)

Université Laval - Undergraduate Design Project - William Falcon; Étienne Marineau-Bélanger; Frédérik Daigneault for a project entitled «Conception d’un planétaire pour un tracteur de 30-50 hp/ Design of a planetary for a 30-50 hp tractor transmission” (Advisor: M. Khelifi)