Donating to the CSBE/SCGAB Foundation
A helping hand that can make a difference

The CSBE/SCGAB Foundation received its federal Charter June 13, 2003. The Original Members of the Foundation Board of Directors were Lal Kushwaha, Digvir Jayas and Pierre Jutras.  


Purpose: The CSBE Foundation has three main purposes:

  • assists in undergraduate student registration to the CSBE/SCGAB Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • pays the initial membership dues for first-time-ever Graduate Students $72/student.
  • recognizes academic excellence among CSBE/SCGAB undergraduate student members with the CSBE/SCGAB Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship $300/student
  • offers funding to eligible student teams that participate in a recognized bioengineering competition. The Foundation thereby encourages students to gain team work experience and to learn by comparing their efforts and ideas with others.  Such projects also provide visibility for Bioengineer’s role in improving agriculture, the food system, and the environment. Amount $500/team

Board of Directors: Ramesh Rudra (Chair), John Feddes (Secretary – Treasurer), Graeme Linkletter, Jim Wassermann, Shiv Prasher, Hugh Fraser, Pradeep Goel, Israel Dunmade, Ali Madani, Dennis Hodgkinson, Bernardo Predicala

Members: CSBE/SCGAB members who donate $40 and over will become members of the Foundation for the duration of their membership with the CSBE/SCGAB Society. They will receive a copy of the minutes and a short report on the scholarships awarded, group competitions supported and a list of the first time graduate membership fees along with the financial position of the Foundation.

Four ways to support the Foundation:

1. We invite members to donate to the Foundation when renewing their CSBE/SCGAB membership.

2. Donate online using our secure payment partner (Stripe). Most credit cards are accepted. 

Donate online

3. Donate directly by electronic transfer:  Prior to sending e-transfer please email Society Manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to set up security details.

4. Make a donation to the CSBE/SCGAB Foundation by sending a cheque payable to the CSBE/SCGAB Foundation to:

CSBE/SCGAB Foundation
Department of Biosystems Engineering
E2-376 EITC Bldg, 75A Chancellor Circle
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3T 5V6

A receipt will be issued for tax purposes for all amounts of =>$25.00 or on written request for any amount. Tax receipts for any tax year are normally issued in February of the next year. Be sure to include your name and complete mailing address.


Letters Patent

CSBE/SCGAB FOUNDATION: Excerpts from the Letters Patent


(a) The name of this Foundation is:


(b) The Foundation shall be governed by these Letters Patent and by the Bylaws in harmony herewith.

2. The objects of the Foundation are:

  • To encourage the graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in Canadian Universities to participate in conferences and competition in the field of bioengineering, agricultural, food and biological engineering;
  • To educate the public in general about bioengineering, agricultural, food and biological engineering;
  • To award prizes to students for excellence;
  • To receive donations, legacies or other contributions in the form of money, securities or immoveables, to administer such donations, legacies or other contributions, to organize fund raising campaigns for the purpose of raising funds for charitable purposes;
  • In the attainment of its purposes, however, the Foundation shall not permit its members, or their assigns, to recover in any form whatsoever, funds, which they have donated to the Foundation.

3. The operations of the Foundation may be carried on throughout Canada and elsewhere.

4. The place within Canada where the head office of the Foundation is to be situated is in: Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba.

5. To attain the objects of the Foundation, the directors of the Foundation, duly sanctioned by the members, may from time to time:

  • Borrow money upon the credit of the Foundation;
  • Limit or increase the amount to be borrowed;
  • Issue debentures or other securities of the Foundation;
  • Pledge or sell such debentures or other securities for such sums and at such prices as may be deemed expedient; and
  • Secure any such debentures, or other securities, or any other present or future borrowing or liability of the Foundation, by mortgage, hypotec, charge or pledge of an or any currently owned or subsequently acquired real or personal, movable or immoveable, property of the Foundation, and the undertaking and rights of the foundation.

6. The Bylaws of the Foundation shall be those filed with the application for letters patent until repealed, amended, altered or added to.

7. The Foundation is to carry on its operations without pecuniary gain to its members and any profits or other accretions to the Foundation are to be used in promoting its objects.