General and Technical program

Download the Final General and Technical Program (Published on July 2nd, 2015).

Download the Poster Presentations Program with Student Competition Participants (Published on June 26, 2015).

Download the tours descriptions (PDF)

Student Competition

Refer to the Papers section for more information. Schedule will be available in the program.


Professional Development Workshops

Regretfully, due to low registration numbers, three of the professional development workshops associated with the 2015 Conference & AGM have been cancelled.  The three workshops that have been cancelled are as follows:

  • July 5, Fundamentals of Environmental Law – CANCELLED
  • July 5, Proactive People Skills – CANCELLED
  • July 8, Bio-Energy Dialogue – CANCELLED

Those registered participants who have pre-registered for any of the three cancelled workshops can either transfer their registration to the Wednesday, July 8 Workshop, “Measuring Sustainability – The Canadian Field Print Calculator” or receive a refund of the fee paid for the cancelled workshop.  If you have registered for one of the cancelled workshops, you will be contacted regarding the options for transfer of registration or refund.

The following Workshop will proceed as scheduled:

Measuring Sustainability – The Canadian Field Print Calculator

Wednesday, July 8 (1 pm to 4 pm)  |  Cost of this workshop


This workshop will cover the development and use of the Canadian Field Print Calculator, an easy-to-use tool that lets individual growers document that their production practices are appropriate and sustainable.  The development of this tool is the result of a multi-agency initiative.  The workshop will outline the calculator development process and the current methodology. Workshop participants will critique various farm scenarios using the calculator to measure field-by-field sustainability performance based on the following indicators: land use efficiency, soil erosion risk, energy use and climate impact.  Workshop participants will gain insights into the process of making sustainability metrics relevant to end-users.


Markus Weber & Angela Pearson, Serecon Inc. – Angela has over 30 years’ experience in natural sciences, and in agricultural and natural resource economics.  She has conducted analyses of various critical interactions between the economy and environment, with emphasis on measurement of environmental sustainability.  Markus is a management consultant and data analyst with Serecon who has worked with the public sector, private businesses, and agricultural industry organizations.  His work includes policy-focused projects and the development of technology-related tools for agriculture.


Social events

Sunday Opening Reception

We are inviting all participants to the Opening Reception Sunday, July 5 at 5 pm in the Glacier Room (Delta hotel). Extra ticket for non-conference registrant are available online or at registration desk.

Monday Evening Social

After a complete BBQ dinner, enjoy a casual relaxed and/or vigorous evening of indoor or outdoor games and conversation at the newly renovated Snow Valley ski chalet just minutes away from the Delta. Intimately connected to river valley trail systems that Edmontonians treasure if you need to recharge your limbs after Monday’s conference program.

Download the Monday Social Handout (PDF)

CSBE Awards Banquet

Tuesday, July 7. 5:30 pm.


Technical tours

Download the tours description (PDF)

Three Two technical tours are being organized to showcase a handful of bioengineering innovations in Alberta. Boxed lunches will be served on all tours. Guests and non-conference attendees are welcome to attend the tours, but each tour is limited to approximately 50 people and will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. During registration for the conference, you will have to select by priorty order the tours. In case of tour cancellation, your second choice prevail.

Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cost: Visit the Registration information page for more information about fees.

Tour #1 - Vegreville - CANCELLED

Regretfully, due to low registration numbers, this technical tour has been cancelled. Those registered participants who have pre-registered for this tour will automatically be assigned to the second choice.  If you have any concern please contact us.

Tour #2 - Camrose (7:30 am to 5:00 pm)

Corlane Holsteins Ltd. has been in the business of dairy farming since 1968 when it began with 40 milk cows. Today the family farm having passed down from generation to generation, boasts 128 milk cows and has undergone three expansions in almost 50 years of its existence. The most recent expansion was in 2014 when Corlane Holsteins Ltd. constructed a new barn (measuring about 37 m by 67 m or 120 ft. by 220 ft., in dimension). Efficiency, animal welfare and mitigating environmental impacts were key decision-making drivers that outlined the nature of the expansion. Among several other advancements, the farm installed two voluntary milking stations and 128 individual, liquid-filled (gel and water) mats to cater to the welfare of the cows by providing additional comfort, and subsequently improving cow health. Today, Corlane Holsteins Ltd. is proud to be running an efficient, animal welfare-oriented and environmentally-friendly farming operation that utilizes:

  • High efficiency lighting
  • Variable speed motors
  • A state-of-the art ventilation system
  • Computerized cow traffic controls
  • Computerized cow health and productivity (milk) records
  • Two-stage manure handling system with an enhanced microbial treatment system

Departing from Corlane Holsteins, the tour’s next stop is Ohatan Wastewater Treatment Facility, located just south-east of Camrose. Camrose County operates a biomass fuel boiler system that provides heat to Camrose County Office Complex. The neat thing about it is that the county produces its own biomass feedstock via an integrated willow plantation water treatment system. Delegates on this tour will have the opportunity to delve into the details of how this innovative, integral system was planned and commissioned.

A picnic lunch will be served at Camrose County Nature Conservation Centre. To provide lunchtime entertainment and learning, AgEagle Canada, developers of aerial crop scouting tools for farmers, will be hosting the demonstration of a UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone).

After lunch, the third part of the tour will take delegates north-west to Alberta’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Food Processing Development Centre, located in Leduc. The Centre’s mandate is to facilitate the growth and expansion of the food and beverage industry in Alberta via its fully equipped pilot plant, product development laboratory facility and entourage of food scientists, engineers and technologists.

Tour #3 - Edmonton (7:30 am to 5:00 pm)

The first leg of the tour is to Enerkem Alberta Biofuels, a bio-industrial facility located in the heart of Edmonton. This facility is the world’s first major collaboration between a large city and a waste-to-biofuels producer to address waste disposal challenges and turn municipal solid waste into clean fuels and green chemicals, such as ethanol and methanol.  The facility will aid the City of Edmonton in increasing its landfill waste diversion rate from 60% to an even more impressive 90%.

The next leg of the tour is a stopover at Alberta’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s, Crop Diversification Centre North - CDC North. CDC-North is an applied research station engaged in crop related research. It is home to some of the ongoing research in the province on Aquaponic Greenhouses, an integration of fish and vegetable production systems that emphasises sustainable food production, efficient crop nutrient recycling and water management, among other co-benefits.

Following the tour, a picnic lunch will be hosted on the grounds of CDC-North. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore the Centre’s extensive grounds during lunch.

To wrap up the tour, delegates will visit Edmonton Research Station (ERS)  located on the South Campus of the University of Alberta. ERS is home to: Agri-Food Discovery Place (AFDP); Poultry Research Centre; Dairy Research and Technology Centre; Swine Research and Technology Centre; Alberta Pork’s  Pig Science Centre; Crops and Land Resource Unit; a Metabolism and Environment Research Unit;  Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences (ALES) Museum; and  Green and Gold Community Garden.

Although delegates will not be able to tour all the sites at ERS, especially sites where animals are housed (due to biosecurity concerns), there will be lots to see and discuss on this tour of ERS. The AFDP, for instance, will showcase its must-see Wenger Extrusion Line, Solvent Processing Area and Fermentation Processing Area.

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