General program

 Sunday July 3

1:00 PM REGISTRATION (all afternoon/evening)

Monday July 4

7:00 AM REGISTRATION (all day)
8:00 AM PLENARY SESSION (Keynote by Dr. Adam Fenech)
12:00 PM LUNCH and AGM
5:30 PM BBQ (Austenville Owls Club, Dartmouth)

 Tuesday July 5

8:30 AM TECHNICAL TOUR (Truro) (Download the schedule)

 Wednesday July 6

7:00 AM REGISTRATION (all day)
10:40 AM PANEL DISCUSSION (The impact of climate change on sustainable food production: minimizing on-farm climate related risks) and POSTERS ON DISPLAY


Technical program


The preliminary program is now available online at: 


Download the preliminary program in PDF format.

Keynote speaker: Dr Adam Fenech

Monday July 4, 8:00 AM

Adam FenechDr. Adam Fenech is a climatologist who obtained a PhD in Geography from the University of Toronto who has been working on climate change issues for over 25 years. His current research involves validating community observations of climate with the scientific record. He has worked at the JFK School of Government at Harvard University on global atmospheric issues, has taught and coordinated climate change research at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., adjunct professor at the University of Toronto and the North China Electric Power University, and formerly maintained a climate research lab at the University of Toronto. He is the author of many scientific papers, and editor of 7 major books on climate change over the past years. Dr. Fenech shared in the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awarded for his work with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In his most recent years with Environment Canada he was a Senior Climatologist in a research position linking global climate models to local decision-making. He joined the University of Prince Edward Island in 2012 and is the director of their climate change collaborating centre.

Panel discussion

Wednesday July 6, 10:40 AM
Topic: The impact of climate change on sustainable food production: minimizing on-farm climate related risks.

Panel speakers:

charles bourquesDr. Charles P.-A. Bourque, Professor of Environmental Hydrometeorology started his academic career at UNB in 1994. Prior to that, he was employed by the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, now part of Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia (1993-1994). He holds several degrees: a BSc (Honours, Mathematics and Ecology) from Dalhousie University (1981), a BSc (Dynamic Meteorology) from the University of Alberta (1982), an MSc (Forest Meteorology) from The University of New Brunswick (UNB, 1985), and a PhD (Forest-Atmosphere Interactions; 1993), also from UNB. As professor at UNB, he has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in statistics, environmental meteorology, eco-hydrology, ecological modelling, and climate change. He is author and co-author of 98 scientific papers. He was principal investigator for the NB-component of the Fluxnet-Canada Project (2002-2007); a project designed to measure and model the basics of soil-vegetation-atmosphere interactions with high temporal resolution measurements of convective fluxes, with fully integrated daily and year-round summaries. Lately, his interests have taken him to China (2007-present), where he serves as expert advisor to the Chinese Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Beijing Forestry University on matters related to ecology, hydrometeorology, climate change, and landscape-development processes in arid NW China. He is also one of several principal investigators at an ecological tower recently established in the Acadian Research Forest in southcentral New Brunswick. The eco-tower is part of a joint research effort with forest scientists from UNB and the Canadian Forest Service - Atlantic Forestry Centre, Fredericton.

kate sherrenDr. Kate Sherren is an Associate Professor at the School for Resource and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University here in Halifax. She works on multifunctional landscape issues related to social values and global change using social and spatial science, particularly in agriculture, energy, cities and coasts. Her research on climate adaptation in farming has taken place in Australia and Nova Scotia with new work being launched this year in Alberta and the Falkland Islands. That research includes implications of farming practices for farm habitat, biodiversity, green infrastructure, and ecosystem services, including wetland construction, riparian management, native pastures and rotational grazing.

peter swinkelPeter Swinkels represents Doug Bragg Enterprises (DBE) Limited. DBE was established in Collingwood, Nova Scotia on May 1, 1986.  The primary purpose of Doug Bragg Enterprises Limited was to manufacture the patented blueberry harvester and a number of other unique agricultural implements involved with the cultivation of low-bush wild blueberries.  The major sales item in the early years was the blueberry harvester. The equipment is very specialized and is manufactured in collingwood under patent protection in Canada, United States, and Mexico.  In addition to manufacturing the blueberry harvester, DBE has diversified its business by utilizing the technology and expertise it has acquired through the development of specialized blueberry equipment, to develop and execute various projects outside the blueberry industry.  DBE has a number of research, product development and improvement programs that are presently under way to take the wild blueberry industry into the digital age and beyond. 

david burtonDr. David Burton is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences in the Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University. Dr. Burton has a B.Sc. from Dalhousie University, a M.Sc. from the University of Guelph and a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta.  His area of specialization is Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry.  Dr. Burton’s research examines the role of the soil environment in influencing the nature and extent of microbial metabolism in soil. His current research programs involve an examination of the production and consumption of greenhouse gases in natural and agricultural landscapes, sustainable manure management practices, bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil and the assessment of the quality of the soil biological environment and its influence on overall soil quality.  The aim of this work to better understand the factors that control microbial metabolism and to use this information to developing sustainable land management systems. He leads the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Lab, which provides analysis of GHG emissions, nutrient analysis of soil and water extracts, denitrification determination, microbial biomass carbon from soil samples and more.  He has previously served as the President of the Canadian Society of Soil Science.


Social events

For all social events, please bring your event ticket with you. Tickets must be pre-ordered online before June 24, 2016.

Sunday Opening Reception

We are inviting all participants to the Opening Reception Sunday, July 3, starting at 5 pm in the Summit Suite (World Trade Convention Centre).  Located atop the WTCC, enjoy a view of the beautiful Halifax harbour and downtown Halifax, while mingling with other conference delegates.  Food will be provided as well as a cash bar.  Extra tickets for non-conference registrants are available online (go to Registration)

Monday Evening Social

Monday’s evening social will be held on Monday, July 4.  With transportation provided from the WTCC (leaving 5.30pm) to the Austenville Owl's Club, located right on Lake Banook in Dartmouth (street address: 34 Oakdale Cres, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3A 2L8). Enjoy the casual relaxed atmosphere and scenic view of the lake.  Bring a towel and your swimming gear if you feel like going for a dip in the lake.  There is a small section of sandy beach for the little ones to play in and the grounds are perfect for a game of frisbee.  Dinner will be a BBQ buffet with a cash bar available.

CSBE Awards Banquet

Tuesday, July 5. 5:40 pm at the WTCC.


  • Reception (cash bar) open at 5:30pm
  • Please be seated by 6:30pm
  • Dinner service from 6:30-8:00pm
  • Entertainment from 7:00-8:00pm with Fiddle and Drum by Cam and Gordie
  • Awards ceremony from 8:00pm


Professional Development Workshop

There will be a FREE workshop on “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Commercialization” offered on Sunday July 3, from 2-5pm.  The workshop will be presented by Kevin Dunn, the Director of the Industry Liaison and Innovation office at Dalhousie University, and also by Paul Richards from Innovacorp, Nova Scotia's early stage venture capital organization.

PaulsHeadshots22Paul Richards is an accomplished economic development professional with a proven track record of accelerating business growth. As Regional Manager for Innovacorp, Nova Scotia’s early stage venture capital organization. Paul focused on enabling knowledge-based companies to accelerate the commercialization of their technologies and to create a dynamic high-growth entrepreneur culture in Nova Scotia. A key priority in his work is the development of the Innovacorp Demonstration Centre for the Bio-resource Economy which is a facility aimed to help support the sector to create high-value opportunities in the rural regions.

Paul worked at the Atlantic Canadian Opportunities Agency where he lead several transformative initiatives including the bourgeoning wine sector, tidal power, apple industry and the commercialization of academic research.

Paul served as the Director of Business Development for the Acadia Centre of Social and Business Development where he conducted over 75 consulting projects, supported the creation of over 500 small businesses and developed and implemented International Development Programming that supported the creation and growth of the SME sector in developing and developed economies including Nigeria, Mozambique, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Egypt, Qatar, New Zealand.

10 kevin dunn 001As Director at Dalhousie University, Industry Liaison and Innovation (ILI), Kevin Dunn leads, with his colleagues, the business interaction and industrial relationships for Dalhousie as they relate to contract research and issues of intellectual property.  Prior to joining ILI, Kevin worked with Dalhousie’s Technical Cooperative and Career Services, helping engineering coop students find learning opportunities and meaningful employment.  Before joining Dalhousie University, Kevin has worked in senior technical sales management positions across North America with both a multi-national companies and a small regional company. Throughout his career his roles have required close interactions with small and medium-sized business clients but also with large organizations throughout Canada, US and globally.



Technical tour

The technical tour to Truro (100 km from Halifax) will be held on Tuesday 5th. The departure will be at 8:30 am in front of the World Trade Convention Centre and the return is planned at 5:00 pm. If you drive or you already are in Truro, meet us at the Bio-Environmental Engineering Centre (BEEC) near the Agri-tech Park in Bible Hill.

  • Guided tour of Bio-Environmental Engineering Centre (BEEC) http://www.dal.ca/faculty/agriculture/research/centres-and-labs/bio-environmental-engineering-centre.html, a research and demonstration site operated jointly by Dal-AC Engineering Department and Dalhousie University's Department of Biological Engineering (Gordon Price).
  • Visiting Perennia Bioventures and Innovation Center www.perennia.ca, extension center and business incubator for agriculture, biotechnology and aquaculture, serving as the commercialization wing of Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture (Eric Albert)
  • Tour around Rock Garden, history of Rock Garden and Landscape Architecture in AC (Darwin Carr)
  • Lunch in Riverview room Jenkins Hall, (salad, BBQ chicken)
  • Visiting Aquaculture Center http://www.dal.ca/faculty/agriculture/research/centres-and-labs/aquaculture-centre.html (James Hudson).
  • Visiting Department of Engineering: Renewable Energy research (Kenny Corscadden), Precision Agriculture (Qamar Zaman), Soil and Water research (Haibo Niu), Food and Bioprocessing (Alex Martynenko). 
  • Visiting Windmill Holsteins, Dairy & Biogas experimental farm in Musquodoboit Valley on the way to Halifax (Kenny Corscardden and Rick Corradini). 

Download the tour schedule


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