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The Biosystems Engineering program at the University of Manitoba will equip engineers with the knowledge necessary to solve engineering problems involving biological systems. The program is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board. Students may choose to complete an Agribusiness Minor or one of three Specializations (Biomedical, Bioresource, or Environmental), and have the opportunity to participate in the co-operative education program.

Biomedical Specialization: The biomedical specialization provides engineers with knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to enhance the understanding of the role to be played by engineers in specific areas within biomedical engineering such as rehabilitation engineering, clinical engineering, medical imaging, orthopaedics, and medical textiles.

Bioresource Specialization: The bioresource specialization provides the educational background to enable engineers to devise strategies and technologies for producing food, fibre, bio-based products, and renewable energy efficiently and sustainably.

Environmental Specialization: The environmental specialization provides engineers with the knowledge to predict environmental impacts due to human developments and to solve problems associated with the environment (soil contamination, pollution, wastewater treatment).

At the graduate level, the Department of Biosystems Engineering offers a course-based M.Eng. program that can be completed within 12 months, a thesis-based M.Sc. program that is typically completed within 24 months, and a thesis-based Ph.D. program that is typically completed in 36-48 months. Collectively, the Department of Biosystems Engineering is perhaps best known for its contributions to i) Post-Harvest Handling & Storage of Grains & Oilseeds and ii) Microbial Generation of Biofuels & Bioproducts. Other research strengths include iii) Machinery Systems, iv) Soil & Water Engineering, v) Agricultural & Alternative Structures, vi) Agriculture & the Environment, and vii) Medical Textiles.


Department of Biosystems Engineering
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