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Annual Report from Alberta Regional Director 2014-2015

Another year has gone by, and it seems to have all happened in a blur. Wow, what a year it’s been! Not to mention, yours truly and his gang of cohorts continue to plug away towards what we hope will be a sweet ending to the year. Yes, Alberta (Edmonton) is proud to be hosting the 2015 CSBE/SCGAB ANNUAL CONFERENCE in July, along with its AGM and Awards Ceremonies!

  • 2015 CSBE/SCGAB Conference - Local Arrangements Committee (LAC)

A rallying call for volunteers to help plan and host the 2015 conference went out to provincial members of CSBE/SCGAB and non-members in September last year. The LAC boasted a total of 20 participants including, LAC Chair and CSBE/SCGAB member - Rick Atkins, CSBE/SCGAB Society Manager - John Feddes, VP Technical - Suresh Neethirajan and CSBE/SCGAB Webmaster - René Morissette. The LAC has held 10 planning sessions between late September 2014 and early June 2015.

The LAC decided on the theme, “Innovation in Water, Energy and Biosystems (iWEB) -Positioning the Globe for 2050” for the 2015 conference. It was chosen as the theme in order to reflect the diverse nature and expertise of the CSBE/SCGAB membership, as well as to solicit the participation and collaboration of professional non-members of related interest, as we collectively journey ahead into the future.

  • 2015 CSBE/SCGAB Conference - Professional Development Workshops

As part of the conference program, the LAC approached two non-technical and two technical speakers to host workshops on Sunday and Wednesday, respectively. Unfortunately due to low enrolment, three of the four workshops were cancelled and the LAC opted for only one technical workshop on Wednesday.

  • 2015 CSBE/SCGAB Conference - Technical Session Oral and Poster Presentations

About 110 presenters from across Canada, the U.S.A. and abroad responded to the “Call for Papers” first issued in December 2014. Of these, the highest numbers of responses were broadly related to topics on biosystem management, bioprocessing, water management and energy.

  • 2015 CSBE/SCGAB Conference - Technical Tours

Three technical tours are being organized as part of the conference program. Two of the tours are scheduled to take delegates to sites located outside Edmonton, while the third tour is targeted at sites within the city. The tour sites span a range of bioengineering interests and innovation within Alberta in the fields of bioprocessing, food processing, energy, water management, biosytem management, and information and electrical technology, as we strive to diversify our provincial economy.

  • 2015 CSBE/SCGAB Conference - Panel Discussion

A panel of representatives from government, the primary production industry, the value-added, food processing industry, and a non-government organization, will discuss “The Impact of Social License on Sustainable Food Production in Canada”. The discussion is anticipated to highlight the influential role consumers’ play today in determining the future of the food industry in Canada. Interestingly, the influential effects of the food industry’s “social license to operate” is being experienced at every level along the food supply chain, and is most certainly another level of detail bioengineers must factor in when designing and supporting sustainable food production systems in Canada,  towards 2050 and beyond. 

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