Danny Mann

Danny Mann

Friday, 15 December 2017 15:01

Message from President Danny Mann

danny mann2016Training of Engineers for Societal Problems Involving Biological Systems

What is biosystems (or biological) engineering? The existence of this emerging discipline can be linked to the century-old discipline of agricultural engineering. A century ago, engineers trained in traditional disciplines having interests in agriculture, formed the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Founding members of this society were driven to use their engineering education to remove the manual drudgery associated with the production of food. Thus, from its earliest beginnings, agricultural engineering was an application-based discipline (i.e., engineering fundamentals were applied to problems with production agriculture). In recent decades in North America, agricultural engineering has been transformed from an application-based discipline into the science-based discipline of biological engineering. As the name implies, this engineering discipline is built on a foundation of biological sciences and is intended to educate engineers who are able to apply their engineering education to a host of societal problems involving biological systems. This transformation has been widespread in the US, with many of the programs now using the name “Biological” (or “Biosystems”). Within the last decade, European universities began looking to the US to guide the transformation of their agricultural engineering programs (they tend to prefer the name of “Biosystems” Engineering).

Thursday, 14 September 2017 13:46

Message from President Danny Mann

danny mann2016Greetings!

It is my pleasure to offer this message as your new President. For the past year, my efforts were focused on providing leadership to the Local Arrangements Committee at the University of Manitoba to oversee the 2017 Annual General Meeting which was held last month in Winnipeg.

 We have put together an interesting technical conference that consists of keynote speakers, invited speakers, concurrent technical sessions (approximately 100 oral presentations), and a poster session (approximately 70 posters). The conference also includes professional development workshops and technical tours. We are hoping to have good industry representation at the conference as well. 

The conference website provides many more details:  


We hope that you will consider attending the conference. You can register online at regular rate until July 14. Please feel free to share this notice with other colleagues who may be interested in the conference. 


Highlights of the Conference

Download the preliminary program


Upcoming deadlines

Online Registration Closes:   July 14, 2017
Deadline for Hotel Reservations:   July 1, 2017
Conference dates:   August 6-10, 2017


Professional Development Workshop

- Project Everest:  New Heights in Leadership and Project Management by Alan Mallory, P.Eng (Download the full presentation)
- Teaching and Learning with Technology – Learn to use Apps to enhance your Academic life

Keynote/Invited Speakers

“Cannabis production”
“Food to health continuum and changing trends in how the public views food and food processing”
“Emerging opportunities in the Canadian food industry”
“Smart utilization of food component interactions and processing technologies in the delivery of consumer foods with nutritional, functional and sensory advantages”
“Novel nanostructured thin film technologies for food adulterant detection, chemical sensing and controlled drug release”
“Trends in Agriculture – an Equipment Manufacturer’s Point of View”
“Biomass to Bioenergy Processes: A Utilities perspective”
“Future opportunities and risk in food processing: focus on pork production”
“Initiatives of the Composites Innovation Centre in the area of bio-fibre and bio-composites”
“Innovation in bio-fibre and bio-products”
“Ecological Engineering at world’s only whole-ecosystem freshwater research facility”
“Innovation in sensing and control in post-harvest storage systems”

Guest Speaker at Awards Banquet

Diana Nicholson (Biosystems alumni from 2006), recipient of the 2016 University of Manitoba Young Alumni Award for her work with Doctors Without Borders during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone


Concurrent Technical Sessions

Session 1A:  Biopolymers:  Production & Properties
Session 1B:  Sustaining Water and Soil Quality
Session 1C:  Grain & Food Storage:  Infestation Management and Future Prospects
Session 2A:  Biomass as a Sustainable Feedstock for Solid Fuel
Session 2B:  Soil & Water:  Mitigating Environmental Impact
Session 2C:  Grain & Food Storage:  Fundamentals and Techniques
Session 3A:  Biodiesel, Biogas and Pre-treatment
Session 3B:  Soil & Water:  Modelling and Implications
Session 3C:  Agricultural Structures
Session 4A:  Bio-Fibre and Biomaterials:  Production and Characterization
Session 4B:  Functional Foods, Nutrition and Consumers
Session 4C:  Bioprocessing: Innovations in Food Processing
Session 5A:  Innovative Approaches to Bioenergy Production
Session 5B:  Biological Wastewater Treatment
Session 5C:  Agricultural Machinery and Technologies
Session 6A:  Animal Housing
Session 6B:  Food Safety in Traditional and Non-Traditional Sources of Protein
Session 6C:  Food Processing:  Thermal and Non-Thermal Approaches

Technical Tours to University of Manitoba

Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (RCFFN)
Alternative Village
Canadian Wheat Board Centre for Grain Storage Research (CWBGSR)
Manitoba Institute for Materials (MIM)

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship opportunities have been devised to allow you to both advertise your organization and send delegates to attend the conference. Booth space will be available at the conference as a means for industry to promote products and/or services or for recruitment purposes. Contact Don Petkau (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to learn more about the sponsorship opportunities that are available.

The date of the conference has been selected to coincide with Winnipeg’s famous Folklorama festival (www.folklorama.ca), the world’s largest and longest-running multicultural festival. We will facilitate a VIP tour for conference attendees on the Monday evening of the conference (not included in conference registration fee) as an opportunity for additional networking with conference attendees. Furthermore, we hope you might consider spending a couple of extra days in Winnipeg to attend other Folklorama venues, watch talented young athletes during the Canada Summer Games (www.2017canadagames.ca), or visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (www.humanrights.ca).


Get 10% discount on Winnipeg City Pass

To add to the enjoyment of your visit to Winnipeg, you may purchase a Winnipeg City Attractions Pass to take advantage of 8 top attractions within the city. We have arranged for conference delegates to receive free local delivery and 10% discount; please use coupon code 2017AGM to receive this special rate.


Winnipeg City Pass

The Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) continues with plans for the upcoming joint conference in Winnipeg (August 6-10th). In excess of 160 abstracts have been submitted so we are looking forward to excellent technical content. There will be a good mix of oral presentations and posters covering a wide diversity of topics that should be of interest to members of both CSBE/SCGAB and CIGR.  Special sessions have been organized by CIGR members on the topics of “functional foods, nutrition and the consumer” and “safety of traditional and non-traditional sources of protein”. In addition to these technical presentations, the LAC has arranged approximately a dozen keynote and invited speakers to provide general-interest morning sessions for conference delegates. Speakers include a combination of industry leaders, government officials, and university researchers. Keynote/invited speakers will speak on the topic of “biomaterials (or fibre)” on Monday morning, “food” on Tuesday morning, and “innovation” on Wednesday morning.

Confirmed presentation topics include:

  • Innovation in bio-fibre and bio-products
  • Initiatives of the Composites Innovation Centre in the area of bio-fibre and bio-composites
  • Food to health continuum and changing trends in how the public views food and food processing
  • Future opportunities and risk in food processing: focus on pork
  • Emerging opportunities in the Canadian food industry
  • Biomass to bioenergy processes: a utilities perspective
  • Ecological engineering at world’s only whole-ecosystem freshwater research facility
  • Innovation in sensing and control in post-harvest storage systems
  • Trends in agriculture – an equipment manufacturer’s point of view

A workshop entitled “Teaching and Learning with Technology” is planned for Sunday afternoon, with tours of several University of Manitoba facilities planned for Thursday morning (Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, Canadian Wheat Board Centre for Grain Storage Research, Alternative Village, Manitoba Institute for Materials). A Reverse Career Fair will be planned to enable excellent networking opportunities for student members. Watch the conference website for details of the technical program as they become available (www.csbe-scgab.ca/winnipeg2017).

Online registration opens on April 1st with early bird registration rates in effect until June 15th

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