Perspectives Newsletter Fall 2018
Vol. 41, no.3 / Posted on Dec. 15, 2018

ASABE recognized Brian Olson, President of a Saskatchewan based company, Power Pin Inc. for his outstanding contributions to ASABE Standards and safety within the agricultural industry at their 2018 Annual meeting (Aug. 14, 2018, Michigan).

Brian holds 37 patents, and is passionate about safety in farming.  Brian’s Drop Pin hammerstrap revolutionized the hitching of agricultural equipment in the 1990s. It is standard factory equipment on most large tractors in North America over 150 horsepower. He has been a leader in safe hitching in agriculture sector. Brian also introduced “Hit N Hitch” a patented hitching system for on road applications.

(Photo of Brian Olson with his new Hit N Hitch on road system)

About Power Pin: 

Power Pin Inc. is the world's largest supplier of tractor implement drawbar hitching components supplying around 250,000 drawbar hitching components annually to the agricultural equipment industry. Power Pin is a privately held company that was incorporated in 1989.  Their head office located in Fort Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan ships hitches to USA, Germany, Italy, England, France, Russia and Brazil.

For more information contact:

Mr. Brian Olson President Power Pin Inc. (306) 539-6207