Perspectives Newsletter Fall 2018
Vol. 41, no.3 / Posted on Dec. 15, 2018

Submitted by Franco Albarran

Event Overview

The purpose of the event was to promote CSBE to students enrolled in the Biosystems department. As such, Dr. Danny Mann (President of CSBE), Keri Bouchard (Regional Director CSBE) and Griffin Swanson (U of M CSBE President) were asked to speak at the beginning of the evening. They shared details about the benefits of being a student member, career opportunities in the Biosystems field, current developments at CSBE and how to become a member of CSBE.

Event Details

Date: Thursday October 11, 2018

Time: 5:30 – 7:30

Location: Engineering Atrium

The event was organized by Franco Albarran (U of M CSBE Vice President Internal). Undergraduate student, graduate students, support staff and faculty staff of Biosystems Engineering were invited to attend the event. An estimated 60 guests attended the event according to a sign in sheet and head count done by Emma Unruh (U of M Vice President CSBE).

The event began with opening remarks from Franco, followed by a speech by Dr. Mann about what CSBE is and current developments at CSBE, next came a presentation by Keri about career opportunities as a Biosystems Engineer and what the industry looks like and last Griffin gave a speech about the benefits of being a U of M CSBE member and how to join along with closing remarks. After the guest speakers’ presentations, attendees were allowed to serve themselves food and socialize for the rest of the evening. Signup sheets to become CSBE student members were also provided upon request and a total of 12 students filled one out by the end of the evening.

The barbeque and propane for the event was rented from Engineers Without Borders (EWB) with the assistance of Dan Russel (Co-President EWB UManitoba). The venue along with tables and chairs where provided with the assistance of Janet Premak (Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Office Event & Recruitment Administrator). Burgers, buns and condiments where bought from Food Fare at bulk price with the assistance of Devan Asu (U of M CSBE Social Media Coordinator). The rest of the supplies where bought from Superstore by Franco.

The event was set up with the assistance of several biosystems students and U of M CSBE executives. Burgers where cooked by volunteers from the U of M CSBE executive team.