Perspectives Newsletter Fall 2020
Vol. 43, no.1 / Posted on December 18, 2020

At the 2020 CSBE AGM, the Council asked me to represent CSBE on the ASABE Standard & Technical Council (STC).  My role on STC is to attend the meetings and calls and contribute when appropriate.  STC usually holds a call in January or February and meets at the Annual International Meeting (AIM) which is in the summer, usually July.

An ad hoc committee was formed during AIM 2020 to work on ASABE Canadian SDO accreditation.  Discussions took place with the Ag Manufacturers of Canada (AMC) as the Canadian partner of record with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and the Canadian Ag Safety Association (CASA) as the financial partner.  An agreement was entered into between CASA and ASABE. The parties intend to work together to develop standards for agricultural equipment and systems that are in the best interest of Canada and Canadian agricultural producers.

CASSO/SNSAC Inaugural Meeting took place on December 11, 2020.  The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Formalize the Committee Name – Canadian Agricultural Systems Standards Oversight (CASSO) / Surveillance des norms des systèmes agricoles canadiens (SNSAC);
  • Outline to the Members Status of Standards Developing Organizations in Canada and the US;
  • Elect Committee Leadership and review Roster
  • Terrence Sauvé became Chair;
  • Scott Gerbrandt became Vice-Chair;
  • Committee will be made up of more than 30 members with geographical representation;
  • Membership should include Canadian representation appropriate to the subject area covered by the standards;
  • Membership should provide balanced representation of interest categories in the development of standards. This representation shall reflect Canadian interest.
  • Draft Bylaws for the Oversite committee and subcommittee(s);

Next meeting is scheduled in mid-January 2021.  The agenda will be to continue to formalize the operational structure of CASSO / SNSAC (e.g., By-laws).

CASSO / SNSAC should be an opportunity for professionals working in the Agricultural Section in Canada to show case their expertise and potentially become CSBE Members if not already on board.  I will provide updates to CSBE Council on a regular basis at least until the new Committee has reached cruising speed.

Eric Ouellette
Vice-President (Industry)