Perspectives Newsletter Spring 2021
Vol. 44, no.1 / Posted on June 15, 2021

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Kelly Lund. She has stepped forward to serve as our Society Manager and Secretary-Treasurer of our Foundation.

Kelly is a licensed professional engineer in Alberta, and a graduate of the Biosystems Engineering program at the University of Manitoba.  She worked many years as an agricultural engineer with the Alberta government.  She lives in Edmonton with her family and apparently still has one year to go before she can send her youngest child off to kindergarten!  Most recently, Kelly is taking on some short-term contract work while completing a 2-year program in Instrumentation and Controls at the Northern Institute of Technology here in Edmonton.  A particular task that she hopes to assist with would be working through the membership list to directly encourage all members to submit their profile for our CSBE Expertise Database.  Kelly also welcomes you to contact her with any questions, comments, or ideas you have for the Society. 

Kelly Lund 250px

I have had the pleasure of serving the Society as Society Manager for 8 years. Met many interesting members along the way.  We need to continue to promote our Society and welcome new members. Also, we have lost a number of members who need to be encouraged to rejoin.

John Feddes