Perspectives Newsletter Summer 2021
Vol. 43, no.4 / Posted on September 15, 2021

Hossein Bonakdari, Université Laval (département SGA) 

The CIGR International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering is currently running a Special Issue entitled "Artificial Intelligence in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering". Dr. Hossein Bonakdari from Laval University will act as Senior Editor of the Collection and Dr. Gareth Lagerwall as Co-editor.

Considering the fact that all development of high-quality measurement technologies leads to the generation of datasets, data analysis and predictive models have become necessary and is a fundamental step towards sustainable development and health in the field of Agricultural Engineering. It appears that our society should be fixated on the Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and machine learning approaches. These digital technology tools will revolutionize many aspects of future agriculture and natural resources. AI can be used as a promising tool to tackle different problems but related aspects of agricultural practical cases as great concern all over the world. AI methods are opening a wealth of opportunities and benefits for agriculture practitioners and cover a wide application in our society. Our goal in proposing this special issue entitled “Artificial Intelligence in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering" is to understand and apply recent developments in AI applications related to the practical sciences of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. This special issue shed lights on many of the on-going research activities on application of AI techniques into a single open-source document. This special issue will consolidate original research on the application of different technics on AI and machine learning to address social, political, economic, safety, health and technological issues of agricultural and biosystems challenges and opportunities including, but not limited to:

  • Agriculture and Society
  • Energy
  • In-farm, extra farm and regional logistics
  • Animal Systems
  • Plant Systems and Postharvest Technology
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Soil and Water
  • Precision Aerial Application.
  • Waste Management
  • GHG Emissions, Climate change and Adaptation
  • Machinery and Robotic Systems
  • Image Analysis for Agricultural Processes and Products
  • Monitoring, Control and Data Analysis