Perspectives Newsletter Summer 2023
Vol. 45, no. 4 / Posted on September 25, 2023

The Vancouver Island Engineering Society (VIES) announced a Speaker Series & Special Events that could be of interst for our members. The events are supported by EIC.



2023/24 VIES – Speaker Series & Special Events
6th October 2023       
Lithium Mining Technology
Speaker: Kirsten Pugh, E3 Lithium

3rd November 2023
Development and Operations  UVic’s ORCASat CubeSat
Speaker: Professor Afzal Suleman, UVic (CFAR Team)

1st  December 2023
 Tidal Energy – BC Implementation Opportunities
 Speaker: Chair, Professor Brad Buckham, UVic (Tidal Energy Programs, North Island)

5th January 2024
Deep Space Biomedical Engineering 
Speaker: Tristan Richmond, Lead (Health Beyond Initiative)
Canadian Space Agency

2nd February 2024
Carbon Capture in Off-shore Undersea Rock Formations
Speaker: Dr. Kate Moran, CEO, OC
Ocean Networks Canada

1st March 2024
 BC’s AI/Robotics Opportunities for Industry
 Speaker: Geordie Rose, Co-Founder, CEO
 Sanctuary AI, Vancouver (to be confirmed)
12th April 2024
 Hydrogen Powered Locomotive
 Speaker: Dr. Kyle Mulligan, AVP (Operation Technologies)
 CP Rail, Calgary
3rd May 2024
 Kicking Horse Canyon Highway Improvement Project
 Speaker: (tbd)
7th June 2024
Lunar Gateway – Canada’s Contribution, including Canadarm 3
Speaker: Luc Brûlé VP (Science and Technology) 
Canadian Space Agency (tbd)