Former Canada Plan Service Archive


Please Note:

cps logoThe electronic information contained in the former Canada Plan Service has been archived by Canadian Society for Bioengineering (CSBE) (in English) and Centre de Reference en Agriculture et Agroalimentaire du Quebec (in French).  The leaflets and plans were developed over many years and provide conceptual information that may be valuable for research, planning and historical purposes.  The information was current as of the date on each individual leaflet or plan.  However, it must be noted that the information may now be superseded by new regulations or best practices.  These archived electronic files will not be reviewed, updated or modified in any manner and are meant to be presented to users as they were originally created. 

The plans and leaflets were designed to meet the building code standards in effect at the time of document creation. The Archive Hosts, Provincial  and Territorial Ministries, Federal Departments and Document Creators do not assume any liability for any loss caused by the use of any information contained in the documents and does not in any way warrant or guarantee that it meets the user's needs, local climatic conditions, applicable building regulations or other legislation. The user is responsible for ensuring that all necessary requirements are met for the intended use and location.

It is imperative that you check with the local building official early in the planning process.  Under provincial and territorial legislation, the local municipality is typically the authority having jurisdiction for enforcing the building regulations, and permit applicants should contact the appropriate official with respect to any specific proposal to determine requirements and acceptable documentation.  Please note that most jurisdictions and municipalities do not accept these plans without further private practice engineering review.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Some plans may be missing from the archive. Please do not contact CSBE for missing plan.

Download the Plan Index. This index lists the English-language plans and their corresponding leaflets available by number and title. 


 Versions française des plans: