CBE Journal Volume 48 (2006)

Defect analysis for quality and productivity improvements in a manufacturing system
Authors: T.Y. Elmekkawy, P.A. Hachkowski, D. Strong And D.D. Mann
Identifier: c0522
Development of a metabolic calorimeter system to measure heat production of domestic avian embryos during incubation
Authors: J.C. Segura, C.A. Ouellette, J.J.R. Feddes, G.M. Fasenko And M.J. Zuidhof
Identifier: c0412
Disinfestation of timothy hay bales from hessian fly (mayetiola destructor (say)) puparia using high compression re-baling machines
Authors: L.G. Tabil, A. Ghazanfari, M. Shaw, A. Opoku, W.J. Crerar And J. Whistlecraft
Identifier: c0601
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