Development of laboratory studies on the off-gassing of wood pellets

Authors: Tumuluru, J.S., X. Kuang, S. Sokhansanj, C.J. Lim, T. Bi, And S. Melin
Description: In the present. study three sealed containers (304.8 mm inside diameter and. 609.6 mm height) were developed to investigate the concentration. of off-gases accumulated in the headspace as well as changes in. some of the physical properties of wood pellets during storage.. Pellets occupied 75% of the container volume leaving 25%. headspace. The outside wall of the steel containers was wrapped. with electric heating tapes and fiber glass insulation. The storage. studies were carried out at room temperature of about 228C and. at elevated temperatures of 30, 40 and 508C. The off-gases were. collected and analyzed using micro gas chromatography. The. accumulations of CO (5000 ppmv) and CO2 (10000 ppmv) were. relatively high at room temperature of about 228C for a storage. period of 24 days. These accumulations increased sharply at. storage temperatures308C. At50 8C, the maximum measured. concentration of CO, CO2 and CH4 was about17,000, 70,000. and 3,000 ppmv, respectively. Storage temperature had a. significanteffect (PB0.01) on all of the pellet properties,. including pellet durability, which dropped by about 20% at the. end of 60 days of storage.
Keywords: wood pellets, off-gas, gas chromatography, moisture content, durability, pellet density, bulk density, storage temperature.
Citation: Tumuluru, J.S., X. Kuang, S. Sokhansanj, C.J. Lim, T. Bi, and S. Melin. 2010. Development of laboratory studies on the offgassingof wood pellets. Canadian Biosystems Engineering 52: 8.1-8.9
Volume: 52
Issue: 8
Date: 2011-03-10
Identifier: C0823
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 52 (2010)

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