CBE Journal Volume 50 (2008)

A modified septic system for the treatment of dairy farm milk house wastewaters
Authors: S. Morin, S. Barrington, J. Whalen And J. Martinez
Identifier: c0618
A simple method for temporal collection of tissue and microbial samples from static composting systems
Authors: T. Reuter, W. Xu, T.W. Alexander, B.C. Baker , F.J. Larney, K. Stanford And T.A. Mcallister
Identifier: c0709
Analysis of five simulated straw harvest scenarios
Authors: S. Sokhansanj, A.F. Turholow, J. Stephen, M. Stumborg, J. Fenton And S. Mani
Identifier: cbej2007-33
Applicability of annagnps for Ontario conditions
Authors: S. Das, R.P. Rudra, B. Gharabaghi, S. Gebremeskel, P.K. Goel And W.T. Dickinson
Identifier: c0544
Biofilters to treat swine facility air: part 1
Authors: A. Armeen, J.J.R. Feddes, J.J. Leonard, R. N. Coleman
Identifier: c0705
Biofilters to treat swine facility air: part 2
Authors: A. Armeen J. Feddes, J. Leonard And R. N. Coleman
Identifier: cbej2007-05b
Density profile of herbage silage in bunker silos
Authors: Philippe Savoie And Luc D'Amours
Identifier: cbej2007-20
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