CBE Journal Volume 53 (2011)

Approaches concerning siloxane removal from biogas -- a review
Authors: Soreanu, G., M. Be´Land, P. Falletta, K. Edmonson, L. Svoboda, M. Al-Jamal And P. Seto
Keywords: biogas, siloxane, environmental engineering, technology, treatment.
Identifier: C0815
Effects of varying condensed distillers solubles, drying and cooling temperatures on glass transition temperature of distille
Authors: Bhadra, R., K.A. Rosentrater And K. Muthukumarappan
Keywords: caking, distillers dried grains with solubles (ddgs), drying, flowability.
Identifier: c1171
Étude expérimentale de la consommation énergétique du séchage de la banane dans un séchoir électrique prototype
Authors: André Talla, Yves Jannot
Keywords: drying, banana, kinetics, electric drier, energy consumption.
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Identifier: C1137
Lateral pressure variation in a model biofilter bin due to wetting and drying cycles
Authors: Ima, C.S. And D.D. Mann
Keywords: lateral pressure, variation, biofilter, woodchips, wetting and drying cycles, media settling
Identifier: C0813
Liquid-holding capacity of flax shive versus other biomass materials using distilled water, alcohols, and hexane
Authors: R.V. Parsons And S. Cenkowski
Keywords: absorbency, liquid-holding capacity, biomass, flax shive, hemp hurd, pine shavings, wheat straw, simply strawtm, water, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, hexane.
Identifier: c1152
Optimization of roselle drying time and drying quality
Authors: Hahn, F., G. Herna´ Ndez, J. Herna´ Ndez, C. Pe´Rez And J.M. Vargas.
Keywords: biogas, silica gel desiccant wheel, roselle calyx, solar tunnel, crispness ratio
Identifier: C1136
Simulating nitrogen pollution potential in surface and subsurface runoff in Ontario using epic model
Authors: R.P. Rudra, S.I. Ahmed, N.A. Mclaughlin And P.K. Goel
Keywords: water quality, computer modeling, management strategies.
Identifier: C0821

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