CBE Journal Volume 54 (2012)

Analysis of energy requirement for hemp fibre decortication using a hammer mill.
Authors: Xu, J., Y. Chen, C. Laguë, H. Landry and Q. Peng.
Keywords: hemp, decortication, fibre, energy, hammer mill
Mots-clés: chanvre, décortication, fibre, énergie, broyeur à marteau.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C12109.pdf
Download file: C12109.pdf
Characterization of provincially inspected slaughterhouse wastewater in Ontario, Canada
Authors: Ping F. Wu And Gauri S. Mittal
Keywords: abattoir, land application, meat plant, slaughterhouse, wastewater.
Identifier: C12062
Download file: C12062.pdf
Effect of load fixture design on sensitivity of an extended octagonal ring (EOR) transducer.
Authors: McLaughlin, N.B., B.S. Patterson and S.D. Burtt.
Keywords: EOR, EORT, extended octagonal ring, extended octagonal ring transducer, extended ring transducer.
Mots-clés: EOR, EORT, anneau octogonal élargi, transmetteur d'anneau octogonal élargi, transmetteur d'anneau élargi
Format: PDF
Identifier: C12016
Download file: C12016
Effect of strain gage misalignment on cross sensitivity of extended ring (ER) transducers
Authors: McLaughlin, N.B., and Y. Chen
Keywords: Extended Octagonal Ring, Extended Ring, Cross Sensitivity, Strain Gage Misalignment.
Mots-clés: dispositifs de mesure des forces de type anneau octogonal élargi, anneau élargi, sensibilité croisée, désalignement de jauge extensiométrique.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C12084.pdf
Download file: C12084.pdf
Effects of tire inflation pressure and field traffic on compaction of a sandy clay soil as measured by cone index and permeability.
Authors: Chehaibi, S., M. Khelifi, A. Boujelban, K. Abrougui.
Keywords: Inflation pressure, repeated passes, soil compaction, soil cone index, permeability.
Mots-clés: Pression de gonflage, passages répétés, compactage du sol, indice de cône du sol, perméabilité.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C12087.pdf
Download file: C12087.pdf
Evaluation of CANWET model for hydrologic simulations for upper Canagagigue Creek watershed in southern Ontario
Authors: Singh, A., R. P. Rudra, and B. Gharabaghi
Keywords: CANWET, watershed modeling, source water protection, water budget.
Mots-clés: CANWET, Modélisation de bassin versant, protection des sources d'eau, bilan hydrique.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C12014
Download file: C12014.pdf
Extending riverbed filtration design velocity for horizontal wells from model to prototypes.
Authors: Kim, S-H., K-H. Ahn, S.O. Prasher and R.M. Patel.
Keywords: Riverbed filtration, horizontal well, axial flow, model, prototype
Mots-clés: Filtration fluviale, puits horizontale, écoulement axial, modèle, prototype
Download file: C12105.pdf
Measured and predicted temperatures in a grain processing building under heat treatment – 1. Temperature profiles during heat treatment.
Authors: Jian, F., P.G. Fields, D.S. Jayas, N.D.G. White and M. Loganathan.
Keywords: Heat treatment, grain-processing building, temperature.
Mots-clés: traitement thermique, installations de transformation des céréales, température.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C12078
Download file: C12078
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