CBE Journal Volume 55 (2013)

Application of stochastic modelling for simulating hemp fibre peeling behaviour.
Authors: Guzman, L., Y. Chen, S. Potter, W. Zhong and M. Rahman.
Keywords: stochastic model, hemp, peel, debonding, fibre, core, force, work
Mots-clés: modèle stochastique, chanvre, séparation, décollement, fibre, coeur, force, travail.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C13133.pdf
Application of the LIDAR technology for obstacle detection during the operation of agricultural vehicles.
Authors: Doerr, Z., A. Mohsenimanesh, C. Laguë and N.B. McLaughlin.
Keywords: Laser Measurement System, object detection, crops, foreign objects, autonomous vehicles, safety.
Mots-clés: système de détection laser, détection d’obstacles, cultures, véhicule autonome, sécurité.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C13140.pdf
Densification of heat sensitive protein/fibre biomass.
Authors: Emami, S., L.G. Tabil, L. Campbell, E. George and P. Adapa.
Keywords: Biomass, Enzyme activity, Feed enzyme, Binder, Lubricant
Mots-clés: biomasse, activité enzymatique, enzyme alimentaire, liant, lubrifiant.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C13145.pdf
Discrete Element Modeling of Hemp Particle Separation Using a 3D Vibratory Separator.
Authors: Sadek, M.A., and Y. Chen.
Keywords: Hemp, separation, vibratory shaker, discrete element method, simulation.
Mots-clés: chanvre, séparation, crible vibrant, méthode des éléments discrets, simulation.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C13147.pdf
Drying characteristics of forage sorghum stalks.
Authors: Rennie, T.J., D.G. Mercer, and A. Tubeileh
Keywords: Drying characteristics, sorghum, biomass crops, effective diffusivity, modelling.
Mots-clés: caractéristiques de séchage, sorgho, cultures de biomasse, diffusivité réelle, modélisation.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C13127.pdf
Effects of multiple passes of vehicles on clay soil compaction as measured by dry bulk density.
Authors: Argaw, F.G., F. Saathoff, A. Woldemichael and A. Gebissa.
Keywords: Repeated traffic, Soil compaction, Axle load
Mots-clés: circulation répétée, compactage du sol, charge à l'essieu.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C13119.pdf
Feasibility of the application of electronic nose technology to detect insect infestation in wheat
Authors: Wu, J., D.S. Jayas, Q. Zhang, N.D.G. White, R.K. York
Keywords: Electronic nose, Gas sensors, Insect infestation, Grain storage.
Mots-clés: nez électronique, capteurs de gaz, infestation d'insectes, entreposage du grain.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C13076.pdf
Isolation of Vibrations Transmitted to a LIDAR Sensor Mounted on an Agricultural Vehicle to Improve Obstacle Detection.
Authors: Periu, C.F., A. Mohsenimanesh, C. Laguë and N.B. McLaughlin
Keywords: Laser Measurement System, object detection, vibrations, stabilization system, autonomous, vehicles, safety.
Mots-clés: système de détection au laser, détection d’obstacles, vibrations, système de stabilisation, autonome, véhicules, sécurité.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C13155.pdf
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