CBE Journal Volume 57 (2015)

Characterizing tortuous airflow paths in a grain bulk using smoke visualization
Authors: Nwaizu, C. and Q. Zhang
Keywords: Tortuosity, Grain bulks, Airflow, Pore structure, Smoke visualization, Image analysis.
Mots-clés: tortuosité, grains en vrac, débit d’air, structure des pores, visualisation par la fumée, analyse d’image.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C15231.pdf
Effect of soil moisture deficit on marketable yield and quality of potatoes
Authors: Abbas, H. and R. Sri Ranjan.
Keywords: Marketable yield, Nitrates, Overhead irrigation, Potato, Root zone, Soil moisture, Temperature.
Mots-clés: rendement commercial, nitrates, irrigation par aspersion, pomme de terre, zone racinaire, eau du sol, température.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C15230.pdf
Effects of process parameters and selective heating on microwave pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass for biochar production
Authors: Dutta, B., Y. Gariepy and G.S.V. Raghavan.
Keywords: Biochar, Biomass, Pyrolysis, Microwaves, Thermodynamics, Proximate analysis
Mots-clés: Biochar, Biomasse, Pyrolyse, Micro-ondes, Thermodynamiques, Analyses immédiates
Format: PDF
Identifier: C15239.pdf
Groundwater contribution to irrigated potato production in the Canadian Prairies
Authors: Abbas, H. and R. Sri Ranjan
Keywords: Groundwater level, overhead irrigation, potato root-zone, potato yield, soil water content, upward flux.
Mots-clés: niveau de la nappe phréatique, irrigation par aspersion, zone racinaire des pommes de terre, rendement en pommes de terre, teneur en eau du sol, écoul
Format: PDF
Identifier: C15229.pdf
Performance of evacuated tube solar collectors at high temperature differentials
Authors: Barchyn, D. and S. Cenkowski.
Keywords: Solar energy, evacuated solar tubes, high temperature, superheated steam.
Mots-clés: énergie solaire, capteurs à tube sous vide, température élevée, vapeur surchauffée.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C15223.pdf
Sorption characteristics of red lentils as affected by postharvest conditions
Authors: Cenkowski, S., J. Paliwal, S. Arntfield and M. Gervais.
Keywords: Sorption, red lentils, rewetting drying, freezing, thawing, equilibrium moisture content.
Mots-clés: Sorption, lentilles rouges, humidification/séchage, gel, dégel, teneur en eau à l’équilibre.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C15220.pdf
Tensile strength and elongation of hemp and sisal ropes at different temperatures
Authors: Vadivambal, R., V. Chelladurai, F. Jian and D.S. Jayas.
Keywords: hemp, sisal, tensile strength, cable, natural rope.
Mots-clés: chanvre, sisal, résistance en traction, câble, corde naturelle.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C15224.pdf
The effects of storage on the net calorific value of wood pellets
Authors: Lee, J.S.,∗ S. Sokhansanj, A.K. Lau, C.J. Lim, X.T. Bi, V. Basset, F. Yazdanpanah and S.O. Melin.
Keywords: wood pellets, net calorific value, storage time.
Mots-clés: granules de bois, chaleur de combustion réelle, durée d’entreposage.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C15232.pdf
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