CBE Journal Volume 58 (2016)

Comparison of forward-facing and backward-facing tractor egress.
Authors: Mann, D.D., A. Hesketh and J.B. Morrison.
Keywords: falls-from-height, tractor egress, kinematic analysis, operator behaviour, agricultural safety
Mots-clés: chutes d’une hauteur, descente d’un tracteur, analyse cinématique, comportement de l’opérateur, sécurité agricole
Format: PDF
Identifier: C16296
Densification of a fermented lignocellulosic biomass rich in cellulolytic enzymes.
Authors: Soleimani, M., L.G. Tabil, L. Campbell, R.K. Hynes and T. Dumonceaux.
Keywords: biomass, cellulose, enzyme, densification, pelletization, granulation, spheronization.
Mots-clés: biomasse, cellulose, enzyme, densification, pelletisation, granulation, sphéronisation.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C16250
Effect of overhead irrigation on corn yield and quality under shallow water table conditions
Authors: Abbas, H. and R. Sri Ranjan.
Keywords: Water table level, overhead irrigation, corn root-zone, corn yield, kernel quality soil water content, up ward flux.
Mots-clés: niveau de la nappe phréatique, irrigation par aspersion, zone racinaire du maïs, rendement en maïs, qualité des grains, teneur en eau du sol, remontée
Format: PDF
Identifier: C16290
Evaluation of Biochar Soil Amendments in Reducing Soil and Water Pollution from Total and Fecal Coliforms in Poultry Manure.
Authors: Arief Ismail, S.A., S.O. Prasher, M.R. Chénier and R.M. Patel.
Keywords: Biochar; Total coliform; Fecal coliform; Escherichia coli; Poultry Manure.
Mots-clés: biochar, coliformes totaux, coliformes fécaux, Escherichia coli, fumier de volailles.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C16286
Feasibility of storing canola at different moisture contents in silo bags under Canadian Prairie conditions.
Authors: Chelladurai, V., F. Jian, D.S. Jayas, N.D.G. White, P.G. Fields and A. Manickavasagan.
Keywords: Harvest bags, Silo bag storage, Canola, Quality.
Mots-clés: sacs à récolte, sac silo d’entreposage, canola, qualité.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C16277
Shallow groundwater quality at a beef feedlot in southern Alberta.
Authors: Kohn, J., M. Iwanyshyn, L. Miedema, B. Olson and A. Kalischuk.
Keywords: groundwater quality, feedlot, cattle, manure, nitrate-nitrogen, chloride
Mots-clés: qualité de l’eau souterraine, parc d’engraissement, bovins, fumier, nitrate, chlorure.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C16295
Simulation of logistics to supply Corn Stover to the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Plant in Lambton Ontario
Authors: Khaleghi Hamedani, H., A. Lau, J. DeBruyn, M. Ebadian and S. Sokhansanj.
Keywords: IBSAL model, BIMAT, OPG, Lambton, biomass, corn stover, supply chain logistics, truck, barge, railroad
Mots-clés: modèle IBSAL, BIMAT, OPG, Lambton, biomasse, tiges de maïs, logistique de chaîne d’approvisionnement, camion, barge, train.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C16243.pdf
Size measurement method for Loblolly Pine grinds and influence on predictability of fluidization
Authors: Olatunde, G., O. Fasina, S. Adhikari, T.P. McDonald and S.R. Duke.
Keywords: Particle size, measurement scheme, size distributions, biomass, fluidization, physical properties.
Mots-clés: taille de particule, système de mesure, distributions de taille, biomasse, fluidisation, propriétés physiques.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C16265
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