A vertical lift digger for harvesting potatoes

Authors: C.D. McLeod, G.C. Misener, and J.R. Caissie
Description: The concept of elevating potatoes and associated material such as soil directly from the digging shares improves potato harvesters by reducing conveyor lengths, machine weight and power requirements. A proto type unit based on this concept has been built and evaluated, and has proven successful for harvesting potatoes with low injury levels. The key component for elevating potatoes at a 60° angle from the horizontal is a weighted belt that operates on the surface of the digger bed extending the full height required for conveying into a bulk truck. The weight of the belt holds the potatoes in place on the digger bed while aiding soil separation from the potatoes. The depth of material on the bed is reduced by using a high digger bed speed relative to the for ward speed which assists the elevation of the material. The paper describes the vertical lift digger giving design criteria and performance details of the machine.
Citation: C.D. McLeod, G.C. Misener, and J.R. Caissie 1989. A VERTICAL LIFT DIGGER FOR HARVESTING POTATOES. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 31(1):11-14.
Volume: 31
Issue: 1
Publisher: Canadian Society for Bioengineering
Date: 1989
Type: Text.Article
Format: PDF
Coverage: Canada
Language 1: en
Rights: Canadian Society for Bioengineering
Located in: Volume 31 (1989)

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