AGM Winnipeg 2005

A machine vision system to detect hard vitreous kernels in durum wheat
Authors: M.A. Shahin, E. Dorrian, And S.J. Symons
Session name: Grain Storage
Identifier: CSBE05046
A solar radiation model with a fourier transform approach
Authors: Y. Sun And R. Kok
Session name: Information systems
Identifier: CSBE05005
Applications of thermal imaging in agriculture
Authors: Manickavasagan, A., D.S. Jayas, N.D.G. White, And J. Paliwal
Session name: Information systems
Identifier: CSBE05002
Assistive technology adaptations for farmers with disabilities
Authors: S. Kelso And D.D. Mann
Session name: Precision Agriculture
Identifier: CSBE05098
Biodiesel use in seeding and tillage field operations in eastern Ontario
Authors: Y.X. Li, N. Mclaughlin, And D. Lapen
Session name: Agricultural Machinery
Identifier: CSBE05067
Biofiltration for the reduction off-gas odour from an industrial fermentation process
Authors: E. Searcy, Q. Zhang, And N. Cicek
Session name: Structures and Environment
Identifier: CSBE05073
Authors: S. Neethirajan, C. Karunakaran, And D.S. Jayas
Session name: Information systems
Identifier: CSBE05003
Characterization and quantification of urban food waste as well as bulking agents also trial test of compost recipes
Authors: B.K. Adhikari, S.F. Barrington, And B. Gregoire
Session name: Waste Management
Identifier: CSBE05091
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