AGM Edmonton 2006

A cost effective heating method for piglets in swine farrowing barns
Authors: E. Beshada, Q. Zhang, R. B
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE06224
Adoption of genetic algorithm to determine effective diffusivity of a medicinal component
Authors: Mahammad Izadifar And Oon-Doo Baik
Session name: Food & Bio- Products
Identifier: CSBE06186
Air quality in milking calf veal building
Authors: Stephane P. Lemay, Martin Belzile,Stephane Godbout,Caroline Côté,Jacques Lavoie
Session name: Odour & Greenhouse Gases
Identifier: CSBE06166
Airflow in passively aerated compost
Authors: Shouhai Yu, Grant Clark, Jerry Leonard
Session name: Waste Management & Bio-Residuals
Identifier: CSBE06113
An ergonomic analysis of the controls present in a tractor workstation
Authors: D. Drakopoulos And D.D. Mann
Session name: Odour & Greenhouse Gases
Identifier: CSBE06149
An exploration strategy for autonomous construction of agricultural field maps
Authors: Lifang Liu , Trever Crowe And Martin Roberge
Session name: Soil & Water
Identifier: CSBE06155
An overview of canadian yellow peas in vermicelli noodle production in asia
Authors: H.Qi, R. Ashmead, W. Kandil, S. Hood
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE06226
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