CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

American Ecological Engineering Society 10th Annual Meeting

A methodology to manage environmental effects of crop-shelter coverage
Authors: Claudia Arcidiacono, Simona M. C. Porto
Keywords: greenhouse, gis, digital image, image processing.
Identifier: CSBE101472
An interdisciplinary ecological engineering approach to the assessment and enhancement of lagoons in California
Authors: Christina Toms
Keywords: lagoon, hydrology, morphodynamics, coastal, ecosystems, ecological, engineering, enhancement, wetland
Identifier: CSBE101569
Aquatic macroinvertebrate diversity in constructed stormwater wetlands
Authors: Trisha L. Moore, William F. Hunt Iii
Keywords: constructed wetland, stormwater, macroinvertebrate
Identifier: CSBE101519
Biodiversity of managed forests surrounding the calakmul biosphere reserve in mexico
Authors: Jessica Bohn, Stewart A.W. Diemont, Jorge Mendoza
Keywords: agroforestry, sustainable design, biodiversity
Identifier: CSBE101087
Authors: Eyad Jamaleddine
Keywords: engineering,composting,bioresource
Identifier: CSBE101311
Characterizing surface-ground water exchange rates and hydraulic transport processes in a cascading stream
Authors: Ted Endreny, Mark Fabian
Keywords: drinking water systems, hyporheic exchange
Identifier: CSBE101532
Climate change, energy scarcity, and mississippi delta restoration
Authors: John W Day, Paul Kemp
Keywords: mississippi delta, climate change, energy
Identifier: CSBE101590
Comparison of different plantation modes in ecological restoration in antaibao opencast mining sites in Shanxi province, North China
Authors: Jin-Tun Zhang, Min Li
Keywords: restoration ecology, abandoned mining area, ecological engineering, plantations, the loess plateau., mining area
Identifier: CSBE100379
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