CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section IV - Energy in Agriculture

A review of standards related to biomass combustion
Authors: Joey Villeneuve, Philippe Savoie
Keywords: biomass combustion, particulate matter, air quality standards, emissions
Identifier: CSBE100457
Anaerobic digestion and related best management practices: utilizing life cycle assessment
Authors: Mark Z. Venczel, Susan E. Powers
Keywords: anaerobic digestion, environmental impacts, lifecycle assessment, climate change
Identifier: CSBE101095
Biochar production for carbon sequestration
Authors: Jignesh Thakkar, Amit Kumar
Keywords: biochar, carbon sequestration, techno-economic assessment, cost of production, abatement cost
Identifier: CSBE100827
Centrifugal potential energy: an astounding renewable energy concept
Authors: Idowu A. Oduniyi
Keywords: centrifugal potential energy, rotational frame bernoulli
Identifier: CSBE101636
Characteristics of paddy operations with biodiesel fuelled tractor
Authors: Youngjung Kim, S.H. Park, C.K. Kim, D.H. Im, H.J. Kim, S.C. Chung, S.S. Kim
Keywords: biodiesel, tractor, plowing, rotary tilling, fuel consumption, exhaust gas, pto output, engine rpm
Identifier: CSBE101421
Continuous fermentative hydrogen production in different process conditions
Authors: Nima Nasirian, Morteza Almassi, Saeed Minaee, Renatus Widmann
Keywords: biohydrogen, dark fermentation, stirring, hydraulic retention time, cstr
Identifier: CSBE101564
Controlling the process of composting farm biomass with the use of fuzzy logic
Authors: Maciej Neugebauer
Keywords: composting, energy, fuzzy logic
Identifier: CSBE100779
Cultivation and utilization of specific wood biomass for synthesis of cellulose based bioethanol
Authors: Laurentiu Fara, Corneliu Cincu, Gheorghe Hubca, Mihai Filat, Danut Chira, Cornelia Nutescu, Silvian Fara, Catalin Zaharia, Aurel Diacon, Dragos Comaneci
Keywords: poplar clones, bioethanol, fermentation, biomass production
Identifier: CSBE101283
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