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Keynote Speakers

Plenary session on Monday July 15, Room Lew Forum 


Dr. Digvir Jayas, NSERC Acting President, Vice President Research, University of Manitoba
"Why should Biosystems engineers develop mathematical models as management tools."

Dr. Gary Bull, Professor and head Natural Resources, Faculty of Forestry UBC
"Climate change and bioeconomy"
 cropped bull gary 2018

Plenary session on Tuesday July 16, Room Lew Forum 

Vaughan Bassett, Vice President Pinnacle Renewable Energy
"Sustainable wood pellet industry"
 Vaughan Bassett

Maria Wellisch, Senior Policy Advisor, AAFC
"Canada’s Emerging Bioeconomy and Agri-Innovation Programs"  

 Maria Wellisch

Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner on Tuesday July 16, UBC Cecil Green Park House


Dr. Scott Stanners, Director BC Bioenergy Network
"BC’s carbon economy a national pioneer "

Scott Stanners

Wednesday July 17, Room Lew Forum 


Dr. Chandra Madramootoo, Professor and Past Dean, McGill University
"Canada as an Innovator in the Global Food System"

 Chandra Madramootoo

Dr. Fernando Preto,  Team Lead, CanMet Energy, Natural Resources Canada.
"Canada’s Mission Innovation" 

 fernando preto



Life cycle assessment as an environmental impact assessment tool and openLCA software training

Sunday July 14 2019
1 to 5 pm, Allard 106

logo openLCALife cycle assessment (LCA) is a multi-criteria sustainability assessment tool that can be used to determine the environmental impacts associated with the entire supply chain (or life cycle) of a product or service. This is done by aggregating all relevant resource inputs and emissions outputs for a set of environmental impact categories, such as greenhouse gas emissions, land use and energy use. LCA is used in many sectors as a decision support tool to choose sustainable products or management practices. OpenLCA is an emerging free and open source LCA software, developed by Green Delta. In this workshop, comprehensive training in the theoretical background and functional use of the openLCA software will be provided, as well as an overview of the importance of LCA and its applications.



Monday July 15 2019
12:30pm to 2:00 pm, Allard 106

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Social Events

Welcome Reception
Sunday July 14 2019
6 to 9 pm, Allard Hall (1822 E Mall, Vancouver, BC )

Monday July 15 2019
6:30 to 9 pm, UBC Botanical Garden

Guests can enjoy exploring the gardens followed by networking and BBQ!

Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner
Tuesday July 16 2019
6:30 to 10 pm, UBC Cecil Green Park House

Enjoy the award ceremony this year that takes place in Cecil Green Park House overlooking the Strait of Georgia with panoramic views of the mountains bordering Howe Sound.




Technical Tours

The technical tour is on Wednesday pm (12:30 - 5:30 pm) and includes lunch.

Tour 1: UBC Biomass and Bioenergy Research Labs / UBC Gasification Plant 



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